Report Launch: Towards 3SI Civil Society Forum

Report Presentation of the Recently Published Report on the 3 Seas Initiative

7 July 2021

Recording of the online event where the authors of the report Wojciech Przybylski and Kamil Jarończyk discussed the recommendations, scenarios and democratic trends featured in the report.

Read the report here

In the discussion, the authors of the report presented the intelligence gathered through a multitude of seminars and workshops and in-house research asking questions about the future of the 3SI ten years after its launch.

In February, the 3SI was endorsed by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken who dispersed the EU suspicions towards the Initiative brought about by Donald Trump’s divisive diplomacy and support for CEE democratic backsliders. However, ahead of the 3SI Summit happening this weekend in Bulgaria, the state of democratic security in the region seems dubious.

The four developed scenarios for the Initiative till 2025 featured in the report and guided by concerns over the democratic security of the region were discussed. The authors spoke on why a 3SI Civil Society Forum is needed to ensure the Initiative bears fruit for the region and the wider Europe.

Speakers – authors of the report:

  • Wojciech Przybylski – Editor-in-Chief at Visegrad Insight and President of the board at the Res Publica Foundation
  • Kamil Jarończyk – Fellow at Visegrad Insight and a graduate of European Governance from Masaryk (Brno) and Utrecht University


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