New Europe 100

Leaders of digital age from CEE

11 October 2019


New Europe 100 is the first network in the digital era that connects innovative people from Central and Eastern Europe, and establishes cooperation to help create cutting-edge solutions for the whole region, Europe and the world.

The organisers of the project – Res Publica and Google – in cooperation with the Financial Times and the International Visegrad Fund, as well as dozens of institutions in CEE, have been bringing together outstanding individuals who are courageous enough to change the world, improve others’ lives, scale up future, and get global impact.

The list of 100 outstanding people from Central and Eastern Europe  has been announced annually between 2014 and 2017 together with the International Visegrad Fund, Financial Times and Google.

The network grows further bringing together new challengers and leaders of tomorrow from the region.

These are people who are changing the world and improving people’s lives with ideas that scale up in the digital world. It’s about those who, with their courage for innovation, new-tech expertise, unique skills, and social outreach have a global impact. We seek and bring together personalities whose actions drive them and drive us to better future. They are people of diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, and in the NE100 network there are already more than 400 people and projects. The lists are not only annually announced in the FT special edition, but also were announced on special events in Sopot, Warsaw, Brussels and Sofia.

New Europe 100 Innovation Festival
education, fin-tech, cross-border cooperation and trends

Enjoying freedom and prosperity for over 25 years, marked by the fall of communism, V4 in many ways is very innovative region. It has managed to have its core democratic and market institutions built up by enthusiastic leaders. Its success has been determined by their great passion for change, the courage to challenge status quo and big ideas.

All of the region’s countries have succeeded immensely in terms of economic and democratic progress. However, in a global perspective, the success is determined by the outlook for the future rather than to the past. The task for today is to exceed the scale of the progress that has already been accomplished.

We believe that the innovators identified in V4 countries will make global impact in all important fields. They look ahead into the future in their core activities and in order to boost their cause they take advantage of new technologies in the Digital Age. This is why the regional cooperation and cross-border initiatives – especially in terms of innovations – can strengthen V4 development and impact in internal (V4’s) and external scope.

To spread the ideas of the regional cooperation in the V4 over innovation and entrepreneurship we and our partners have established a NE100 Festival with four events in four countries. The events will be gathering innovators, students, representatives of academia and business, opinion leaders, young entrepreneurs in order to share their ideas, their knowledge and to broaden their regional network opportunities. Organized not in capitals, but in smaller cities covering the most current topics such as education, fintech, cross-border cooperation and trends.


Startup Hub Warsaw

SAPIE The Slovak Alliance of Innovation Economy



International Visegrad Fund


at 17TH Visegrad Summer School


Taking the opportunity to participate in the 17th Visegrad Summer School in Krakow, we organised project partners’ meeting, and created programming workshops for the participants of the School.

With the groups of participants we have worked out NE100 Festival content proposals. Thank to their input we had a unique opportunity to work on Festivals’ programmes with exactly the target audience of the upcoming events. We have met their expectations, ideas, and needs. We also shared our attitude, promoted the events among regional youth and the mission of NE100 which is connecting people and creating a growing network of regional business and tech innovators, social entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, researchers, scientists, cultural animators, enhancing cooperation and the voice of the region by promoting multiple success stories. We have convinced them that the Festival can be one of the ways to achieve these goals for themselves and encouraged to take part and share the idea with their networks and contacts.