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FAQ — What Difference Can the European Political Community Make?

What to expect from the European Political Community. Experts answer our survey

What difference can the European Political Community make?

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Unity Is the Left’s Strength in the Upcoming Elections

An interview with Polish MP Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk

As next November’s national and local elections come closer, MP Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk sits down with Visegrad Insight to discuss the Polish left’s plans for the upcoming elections.

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North Macedonia, Bulgaria and the Ghosts of the Past

Quiet EU diplomacy finally makes progress

It is a sign of the times, that what was news the other day is a well-forgotten story today.

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The Region Heats up as the Weather Cools Down

October Monthly Foresight

October is seeing the Ukrainians push back the Russians as inflation in the region rises. Also worth noting are the paths Bulgaria and Latvia chose in their recent elections and the political problems Slovakia is facing.

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While Moscow Celebrates, the Ukrainians Advance

Democratic Security Outlook: 03 - 09 October

As the Kremlin proclaims annexed regions of Ukraine to be part of Russia forever’ Russian troops retreat against the liberating Ukrainian army. The Centrist party performs well in Latvia and Borisov is poised to make a frontline political comeback in Bulgaria.

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A Forum of Missed Opportunity for the V4

An uncharacteristically pro-Western conference from Budapest

Budapest’s mayor, Gergely Karácsony, invited the world to discuss ‘Building Sustainable Democracies.’ While many attended, representation from the V4 was lacking.

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Closer Cooperation Is the Silver Bullet to Visegrad’s Ongoing Dysfunction

With the current state of fragmentation, the Visegrad Group must reconstitute itself to address regional issues

As the Visegrad Group – Slovakia, Czechia, Poland, and Hungary – on the one hand celebrates three decades of its existence, and on the other faces mounting economic and political challenges, partly propelled by Russia’s war on Ukraine, it is useful to take stock of its past and future.

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Central Asia’s Reliance on Russia Has Made It Vulnerable to Conflict

Central Asia’s traditional reliance on Russian security is waning

With conflicts breaking out in the region of Central Asia, one unintended consequence of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the destabilisation of post-Soviet space.

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Central Europe’s Autocrats Find a Friend in Meloni

Democratic Security Outlook 2022 - September 26 - October 2

As Putin escalates his war against Ukraine, the far right in Central Europe welcomes Georgia Meloni’s victory. Orban calls ‘national consultations’ over sanctions targeting Kremlin and Czech far-right SPD makes gains in municipal elections. 

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Unlike Ukrainian Refugees, Afghans are Neglected In Poland

An insight into the lives of Afghani refugees in Poland

The experience of Afghan families, who have sought asylum in Poland, having fled their country following the Taliban takeover in 2021. They testify to the deficiencies of the current system and its double standards towards refugees of different races, nationalities, or religions.

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War and the Future of Europe

The following report projects four different scenarios which map out how European democratic security will be challenged by 2030 and how to prepare for it.

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