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Tamás Deutsch: Some Hope Orbán Will Live Forever But Even He May Not Succeed

Hungarian MEP Claims Fidesz and Independent Press Play the Same Game

A mental trip into the Fidesz bubble. Interview with Tamás Deutsch, a co-founder of the Fidesz party helps to understand the mindset of Fidesz in key areas of the political game: assault on the free media, government-sponsored clientelism, the EU strategy of Hungary and the role of Viktor Orbán as...

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Visegrad Insight Podcast

Tune into Central Europe from Central Europe

The number one podcast on Central Europe from Central Europe. Hosted by Quincy Cloet and Wojciech Przybylski editors of the Visegrad Insight. New episodes released every Thursday and announced on Twitter and in our newsletter.

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Bulgarians Reject the Political Establishment

Democratic Security Monthly Foresight: April 2021

Boyko Borisov’s prolonged influence on Bulgarian politics has been greatly diminished while vaccine procurement and distribution continue to plague the EU. Russian troops are building up along the eastern borders of Ukraine, but Poland becomes one of the first nations to accept Joe Biden’s invitation to the April Summit on...

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Zelenskyi Is Bad for the Show

EU and US Expect Action on Oligarchs and Russia

After a furious pace in the months after the inauguration, the Zelenskyi presidency has been in the doldrums. With his popular support deteriorating, the leading face of the Servant of the People party has to push for more consistent political, economic and foreign policy measures in response to a destabilising...

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Bulgarian Winner’s Defeat

Boyko Borisov May Need to Resign despite Electoral Victory

In the atmosphere of confusion and irregularities, the parliamentary elections preliminary results reveal the impact of the deep, widespread frustration with the Bulgarian reality.

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Moderating Expectations about the Eastern Partnership

Further Integration Is Most Probable

In the next decade of the Eastern Partnership, the EU and its Eastern neighbours can be brought closer together but it is also not unlikely we will be witnessing an emergence of a new civilisational wall across the Eastern border of the EU.

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Uses and Abuses of Political Appeals to ‘Civilisation’

Kathryn Ciancia’s Book on Interwar Borderland in Poland

In On Civilization’s Edge: A Polish Borderland in the Interwar World, Kathryn Ciancia investigates the uses of and abuses of the concept of ‘civilisation’ (ed. in British English) concerning the contested lands of Volhynia (in Polish, Wołyn) controlled by the Polish state between the world wars.

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Matovič in Orbital Decay after Government Reshuffle

Russian Vaccine Diplomacy Brought Collateral Damage to Slovakia

With the resignation of Igor Matovič following the secret purchase of Sputnik vaccines, last weekend, it seems unlikely that the coalition will break apart again soon. However, the minor reshuffle and continued presence of the former prime minister in the cabinet may provoke new tensions during the pandemic crisis.

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A Partnership in the Shadow of Russia

Can the EU Still Be a Transformative Force in the East?

More than a decade on, the Eastern Partnership still has to fight off a lack of knowledge about the framework and Russia-centred views in Europe. Meanwhile, the stalemate in the Eastern Partnership countries feeds resentment, creates instability and stimulates populist impulses.

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Clubhouse Leads Politicians on to Straight Talking

Direct Chat App Is Central Europe’s Next Big Thing

Ever fantasise about cosying up with your pets on the sofa and telling your favourite (or most hated) politician exactly what you think of their work? Perhaps it is still too soon to imagine yourself grilling Orbán through an app on your phone just yet, but maybe Clubhouse can soon...

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Scenarios for Eastern Partnership 2030

In 2009, the European Union and six of its Eastern neighbours launched the Eastern Partnership (EaP) with the stated aim of building a common area of shared democracy, prosperity, stability and increased cooperation. A decade on, however, progress has been mixed.

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