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MFA Sikorski to Expound Poland’s New Foreign Policy Strategy

Democratic Security Outlook 2024: April 22-28

Minister of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski will give a speech to the Sejm on 25 April, marking the first occasion for Poland’s coalition government to set an official course for its foreign policy. Europe, V4 and Weimar (W3), defence, and democratic security are expected to be key topics. Last week...

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Petr Fiala’s Effective Foreign Policy Masks Issues Back Home – QUICK TAKE

The Czech Republic is struggling to lose its reliance on Russian energy

In a week that saw the Czech Prime Minister meet the POTUS and the NATO Secretary General, Czech media continued to praise Petr Fiala’s successful foreign policy. But as he embarks on such trips abroad, important issues remain back at home, none of which will help Fiala’s already low domestic...

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Strategic Foresight from Central and Eastern Europe

The European Union stands at a decisive point with the upcoming EU Parliament elections and the formation of a new Commission. These events will significantly shape the state of democracy within the EU and its role as a global actor.

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Israel’s Cost-effective Defence vs Ukraine’s Expensive Western Missiles

Israel and Ukraine reveal the economic secrets of modern warfare; It is not good news for Czechia and the West

When Israeli defence shot down 99% of projectiles and cost 10% of Iran’s offensive, the winner of the battle is undeniable. A closer examination of the economics behind the wars in Israel and Ukraine reveals the need for more sustainable defence strategies.

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Security Is First, Democratic Freedoms Are Back, and the Enlargement Is for Real – QUICK TAKE

EU Strategic Agenda 2024–2029

The unofficial unveiling of the EU Strategic Agenda 2024-2029 signalled a significant shift towards prioritising security and democratic freedoms while navigating challenges such as division within the European Parliament and evolving public opinion.

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Autocracy on the Horizon in Slovakia after Pellegrini Wins Presidency 

Prime Minister Robert Fico will face little opposition in his plan to capture the state 

Slovakia’s slide towards autocratic rule will accelerate after an ally of Prime Minister Robert Fico won the presidency over a democratically minded opponent, paving the way for a renewed push to subjugate the media, courts and business to the ruling party’s control.

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EU’s Defence Renaissance: Navigating Strategic Autonomy and Industrial Resurgence

How the EU's rearmament will affect CEE

Europe confronts its heightened security risks at its borders amidst uncertainty over US involvement and a resurgent China aligning with Russian aggression.

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Europe Future Forum 2024

Costs of Non-Enlargement

On 16 April we organised Europe Future Forum 2024 – a closed-door conference that brings together perspectives on the EU enlargement in the Strategic Agenda 2024-2029.

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New EU Strategic Agenda to Sponsor Democratic Security and Boost Enlargement

Democratic Security Outlook 2024: 15-21 April

The EU Strategic Agenda draft is expected to arrive this Thursday to give priorities for the next Commission. Unlike the Granada Declaration, it is now focused more on the democratic security of the block. Also, the Enlargement action points look more tangible than earlier declarations.   Last week, EU Council...

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Report: New Digital Frontier

CEE Voices on the Metaverse

The metaverse offers a new platform for solving many of today’s most pressing issues, but will we be able to realise its full potential? Read the new report, made in partnership with Meta.

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Unprecedented: Péter Magyar Employs Media to Successfully Challenge Viktor Orbán – INTERVIEW

For the first time in 14 years, Viktor Orbán is on the defensive 

Péter Magyar’s emergence on the front line of Hungarian politics has shaken both the ruling and opposition parties. Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz has never faced such a political crisis in its last 14 years of power. But it remains to be seen whether Magyar will be able to translate current interest...

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Guarding Vital Interests: European Cohesion Amidst a Potential Trump Re-election – COMMENTARY 

Fortifying European Bonds and Why the EU won't fall apart as it rearms 

The prospect of another Trump presidency is already pushing Europeans closer together to defend what they perceive as their vital interests.

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EU Values Foresight from the Visegrad Four Civil Society Leaders

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How Democracy Can Win and Europe Lose

This report analyses the various outcomes of the upcoming EP elections as well as the formation of the new commission on democracy and the global position of the European Union. It systematically examines internal and external challenges, mapping EU responses to safeguard democratic resilience and electoral processes.

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