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CEE Needs To Modernise Industry To Strategically Lead the EU

Don't be afraid of getting dirty with new technology

Traditional industry lost its lustre in the contemporary era, but if Europe wants to truly achieve strategic autonomy, then it must embrace the new wave of manufacturing.

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Ukrainian Spring

Democratic Security Outlook 2023: 20 March - 26 March

Poland and Slovakia to deliver MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine, and Finland’s NATO membership is on the horizon. 

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The Misinformation Effect and Its Hidden Costs

How combatting disinformation can be dangerous itself

Counteracting the misinformation effect is essential, but more focus should be put on how dangerous this process can be and how it perpetuates the spread of disinformation.

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Why Orbán’s Anti-Ukrainian Propaganda Works

Russian and Hungarian rhetoric share the same motifs and strategies

Across Europe, pro-Ukrainian support and messages have been steadfast in these many months following the large-scale invasion…except in the propaganda of Viktor Orbán’s Hungary.

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Romania’s Dire Infrastructure Is A Security Threat

How to lose billions of euros and lag behind in big infrastructure projects

Washington, Brussels and even Beijing have invested time and funding for Romanian infrastructure, but a myriad of strategic and domestic issues have held up or cancelled projects with completion dates still looming in the distant future.

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Rethinking Russian Hybrid Warfare

While Moscow's use of hybrid tactics has been successful, hard security still rules the day

We have overhyped the effectiveness of Russian hybrid warfare, but there are many lessons we can learn from where they have succeeded in preparing an environment for more direct control by the Kremlin.

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Unrest In the EU Neighbourhood

Democratic Security Outlook 2023: 13 March - 19 March

Mass protests in Georgia force the government to back down on the “Foreign Agents” bill while political upheavals are reported from Moldova and Bosnia, and the election campaign in Poland is gaining traction.

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How the West Is Quietly Forcing President Zelenskyy Into Peace Talks

While military progress has stalled, some Western allies are looking for an early exit strategy

Ukraine and President Zelenskyy will be under increasing pressure from allies to at least join a negotiating table, the question is if any circumstance or guarantee could be acceptable.

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The Gordian Knot Of The Balkans: What Is The Kosovo Issue?

A clash of power politics, international order and national myths are playing out in the Western Balkans

Beyond the surface, the Kosovo issue is a universal reflection of the fundamental disunity of principles guiding our societies: the right to national self-determination vs sovereignty and state non-interference in other states’ activities.

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War and the Future of Europe

The following report projects four different scenarios which map out how European democratic security will be challenged by 2030 and how to prepare for it.

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