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Simulating Five Scenarios for the Western Balkans

Possible scenarios for the Western Balkans EU future by 2030

The lands of the Western Balkans are in a historical transition.

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Banning the ‘Z’ Symbol in CEE Will Backfire

A Hypocritical Blurred Line of Legitimation

Banning the Latin letter — as several European countries have done — while legitimate on the grounds of practical security, will not win any ideological war.

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Will the Debate on the Euro Save Central Europe’s EU Future?

Across the continent, countries are looking for ways to strengthen economic, political and also defence cooperation

It is clear today that Europe’s tomorrow will be defined more by the fact of belonging to the euro area than by the conference on its future.

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It Was Only After the Invasion That the Future of Europe Began to Be Discussed in Earnest

The Union is still only able to change under external pressure, the conference was supposed to change that

The most important date for the Conference on the Future of Europe is not even the beginning of May 2021, when it was launched. Nor is it 9 May this year, when the three representatives of the European institutions present the final proposal. But 24 February this year.

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On the Future of Eastern Partnership

Beginning of the end or a new opening?

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine ramping up tensions in the Eastern Partnership countries, will the EU’s format survive?

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Division Over Oil Sanctions for Ukraine

Democratic Security Outlook: 9 May - 15 May

Will the updated Commission’s proposal on sanctions accommodate Slovak, Czech and Bulgarian requests and will Hungary get its exemption?

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FAQ – Can Russia Win This War?

On 9 May Putin receives a Victory Day parade. Experts answer our survey

While Moscow holds its biggest annual military parade, Russia is not achieving meaningful military progress in Ukraine. With a united response from the West, Kyiv can prevail and even regain its territories.

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Scenarios for 3 Seas Initiative 2025

This report features four scenarios for the 3 Seas Initiative in 2025 along with actionable recommendations guided by concerns over democratic security. Findings based on workshops and consultations of over a hundred civil society influencers, ambassadors and politicians from all twelve countries.

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