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Russia’s Meddling in the EU Demands Urgent Attention

With the upcoming European elections in June, it is imperative the EU stays vigilant to foreign interference

The recent revelations that officials handling security and defence had their phones hacked and that a Latvian MEP was a Russian spy is only the tip of the iceberg of Russian interference in the European Union. To protect the integrity of the European elections, the Union must foster a political...

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Navalny’s Killing Shows Putin Senses Leeway as US Wavers over Ukraine

Democratic Security Outlook 2024: 19 - 25 February

Putin’s regime killed Alexei Navalny in a show of defiance as the US’s dithering over aid to Ukraine helps the Russian army advance on the ground.

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Orbiting Justice: Satellite Technology and the Evolution of War Crimes Investigations

An interview with William Goodhind

William Goodhind from Contested Ground explains the democratisation of data, the modernisation of war crimes investigation and the present and future of the War in Ukraine.

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New Gas Supplies For the Western Balkans Facilitates a Geopolitical Game Rather Than the Green Energy Transition

Gasification plans are a trap for the region's green transition and risk benefiting powerful political players – especially Russia and the US – more than local citizens

The Western Balkans plan to rely on hydrocarbon as a quick and affordable replacement for coal. The region is now looking to secure new gas supplies from sources other than Russia with the support of the West. However, this diversification would come with new geopolitical and economic risks, while the...

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Poland’s Diplomatic Offensive: A New Momentum for the Weimar Triangle

Donald Tusk visits Paris and Berlin

Poland’s diplomatic efforts – bridging the gap in the Franco-German tandem for the sake of Ukraine and the future of the enlarged EU.

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Poland Seeks Joint Action Plan on Ukraine with Germany and France 

Democratic Security Outlook 2024: 12 - 18 February

Polish PM Tusk meets leaders of France and Germany on Monday to revive the long-dormant Weimar Triangle format and coordinate support for Ukraine and European defence as Donald Trump muses about giving Russia free rein to attack any NATO ally which did not “pay its dues”.

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Hungarian President Katalin Novák Resigns – The Full Story Behind the Pardon Scandal

Unraveling the controversy: from presidential pardon to political fallout

Viktor Orbán lost another president to public embarrassment. In 2012, President Pál Schmitt resigned following a plagiarism scandal. Katalin Novák’s resignation, however, is a lot more about Orbán than about her. We have summarised the details of one of the most turbulent weeks in modern Hungarian politics.

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Euro Adoption in CEE Still Far Off Despite Lower Risks – Interview with Zsolt Darvas

Visegrad Insight interviewed Zsolt Darvas, Senior Fellow at Breugel, on euro prospects in CEE 

Poland, Romania, Czechia, and Hungary lag in euro adoption, mainly driven by political factors, concerns over national sovereignty and potential economic drawbacks.

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FAQ – Is Poland Facing a Dual Legal System? Expert Panel

Polish and international opinion leaders comment on the judicial situation in Poland

Poland’s new government has taken steps to re-establish the rule of law but is meeting resistance from President Andrzej Duda and the politically captured parts of the judiciary, especially the Constitutional Tribunal, packed with politicians affiliated with the opposition Law and Justice Party.

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Poland and Hungary Continued Corruption Slide in 2023

The latest report from Transparency International suggests little progress has been made against perceived corruption in Central and Eastern Europe

Central and Eastern Europe stagnated in its battle against corruption, with the worst offenders – led by Poland and Hungary – overshadowing the steady improvements made by several other EU member states. Corruption perception levels have decreased in many EU candidate countries but are still prominent enough to block their...

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If Zaluzny Is Out, Who Could Become Ukraine’s Next Commander-in-Chief?

The popular general may be part of a wider reshuffle as President Zelensky seeks a new start 

Speculation surrounding General Zaluzhny’s potential resignation appears to be substantiated, prompting an examination of the prospective successor to lead the Ukrainian army and the military’s response to this development.

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EU Approves Ukraine Aid While Kyiv is Riveted by the Fate of Top Commander 

Democratic Security Outlook 2024: 5 February – 11 February

The European Union passed a 50 billion euro aid package for Ukraine, steamrolling over the Hungarian veto, while tensions in Kyiv skyrocketed over rumours President Zelenskyy may fire his top commander and potential political rival, General Zaluzhny.

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How European Democracies Are To Survive a New Trump Age

The following report outlines how the next five years will be the make-or-break moment for the European promise to ensure peace, stability and prosperity.

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