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Is Sport Beyond Politics?

How the soft power of football works during times of war

The third story is of Tamila Khimych a midfielder of the Kryvbas FCW and Ukraine National Women’s team.

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The Great Orthodox Battle Amid the Russian Invasion

How can the Russian Orthodox Church exert influence in Ukraine with its leader’s clear support of the invasion?

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has only exacerbated the tension between Orthodox churches in the country.

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FAQ – What Will Come from This Year’s NATO Summit?

On 29 June, NATO leaders will gather in Madrid. Experts answer our survey

The Madrid NATO summit will set NATO’s strategic direction for the next decade and beyond, while responding specifically to the new security crisis facing the region with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Romania Wants More Power for the Secret Services

How the secret services try to revive the former communist Securitate

War in Ukraine accelerates Romanian politicians’ intentions to change the security laws after 30 years of delays. 

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Five Reasons Why Ukraine Should Become a Candidate for EU Membership

Strategy, Business and Hope play the largest roles

For a few days now, the focus on Ukraine’s future has been shifting from the battle lines in the Donbas to the political cabinets of European capitals.

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Ukraine Fights While EU Debates its Future

Democratic Security Outlook: 20 - 26 June

As the vote for Candidacy for Ukraine to the EU has begun, the governments of Bulgaria and the Czech Republic deal with internal issues. 

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Scenarios for 3 Seas Initiative 2025

This report features four scenarios for the 3 Seas Initiative in 2025 along with actionable recommendations guided by concerns over democratic security. Findings based on workshops and consultations of over a hundred civil society influencers, ambassadors and politicians from all twelve countries.

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