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Rebuilding Central Europe’s Lost Relevance in European Integration

From Post-Communist Legacy to Democracy and Atlantic Partnership

An image of disappointment prevails when assessing today the path taken by the societies and governments of Central Europe after EU accession. If we want to be relevant in the European equation as well as a valued player in the concert of democracies, Central and Eastern Europe has to become...

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What Went Wrong in Prague? Only Five Countries Expelled Russian Spies after Vrbětice

Czechia’s Call for EU Support against Russian Hybrid Warfare

Why did most allies support the Czech Republic only verbally and not expel Russian spies with diplomatic passports after the Vrbětice affair? According to experts and members of the European Parliament, there are multiple reasons.

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NATO’s Eastern Flank Summit in Bucharest

Democratic Security Outlook: 10-16 May

Joe Biden will join the Romanian summit of nine NATO countries on the eastern flank in another sign that Washington is increasing their presence in the region. Calls for new elections in Czechia and Slovakia grow while Viktor Orbán plays into Beijing’s strategy.

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Polish Ultra-Conservative Organisation Ordo Iuris Wants to Curtail NGOs

Civil Society Next on Government’s Plate, Following the Path of Hungary and Russia

The decline of democracy in Poland is a reality attested by both lived experience and thorough analyses. Terms such as democratic backsliding, semi-authoritarian countries and illiberalism are well settled into the vernacular. At the same time, the actors that stand behind the decline of democracy in Poland continue to employ...

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Afghanistan Charts a Fresh Course Thanks to Central Europe

New Envoy from Kabul Talks about Future Cooperation Opportunities

At a time when international troops are set to withdraw from Afghanistan, Central Europe’s engagement under the NATO umbrella in the country has created significant opportunities for further cooperation and trade. Ambassador Tahir Qadiry reflects on Afghanistan’s changed standing in the world and what a new chapter in the partnership...

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Czech Conservative Bedfellows Spark Questions about Media Independence

Petr Kellner’s Long Shadow over Politics

A meeting between a conservative member of the Czech Television Council and the PPF’s person responsible for media communications has led to more questions than answers. After Petr Kellner’s sudden death earlier this year, close relations between the holding and conservative politicians show no sign of abating anytime soon.

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Never Let Crises Go to Waste

Democratic Security Monthly Foresight: May 2021

Bulgaria will have new parliamentary elections and the Czech PM’s future lies in the hands of opposition members. The EU will look towards the future in a series of high profile events while the Russian conflict and diplomatic row continue to spread across the region. 

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Connecting V4 and Other Regional Expert Networks

Project Implemented with the Association for International Affairs

A joint project on inter-regional connections implemented by V4 organisations.

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Armenia’s Unprecedented Post-War Vulnerability

The Country Needs a Strategic Vision for the Future

Despite the promise of diplomatic re-engagement, Azerbaijan’s failure to return all prisoners and Armenia’s lack of a coherent diplomatic strategy have contributed to an environment hardly conducive for the restart of negotiations. The conflict has been an important lesson for Armenia concerning the necessity of scenario planning and strategic vision...

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Clear EU Verdict – Babiš Is Not Allowed to Receive Subsidies

Transparency International’s Petr Leyer Explains the Decision

Andrej Babiš became the first head of government in the EU to have a conflict of interest confirmed by an audit of the European Commission. While Czech Prime Minister Babiš claims that the Pirate Party filed a complaint about his conflict of interest, in reality, it was the Czech branch...

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Scenarios for Eastern Partnership 2030

In 2009, the European Union and six of its Eastern neighbours launched the Eastern Partnership (EaP) with the stated aim of building a common area of shared democracy, prosperity, stability and increased cooperation. A decade on, however, progress has been mixed.

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