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Pro-Kremlin Disinformation in Ukraine — Five Key Messages 

Overview of the main narratives for October — December 2021

The key narrative of Russian disinformation was that Ukraine is a puppet in the hands of the US and NATO, which are preparing it for war with Russia and Belarus.

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Fidesz’s Reheated Political Goulash

How Orbán changed Hungarians' view of Russia

For a long time, Hungarian politicians found it difficult to condemn Russian aggression against Ukraine.

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Has Orbán Become the EU’s Lukashenka? 

What Hungary's Prime Minister did not say in his 'mixed race' speech

Viktor Orbán caused a media outrage with his recent speech claiming that Hungarians do not want to become a ‘mixed race.’

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Victor Orbán visits Texas for CPAC

Democratic Security Outlook. 8 — 14 August

The lone Prime Minister visits the lone-star state. While Russia threatens a Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant and Bulgaria gets a new caretaker government.

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Ukraine’s Corrupt Bureaucracy Needs Many More Years Before It Can Implement EU Law

An interview with Ukrainian economist Vladimir Dubrovskiy

The implementation of European laws in order for Ukraine to join the EU is not possible until its bureaucracy adopts a ‘European spirit.’

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The New Czech Government in Pro-Kremlin Media — A Case Study of the Sputnik CZ ‘News Site’

The pro-Kremlin narrative of the recent Czech elections

The last quarter of 2021 was an eventful one for Czech politics — a parliamentary election took place in October and, in mid-December, the new five-party coalition government was appointed. Researchers from Prague Security Studies Institute (PSSI) monitored the website Sputnik CZ in the period from October to December 2021...

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NATO vs CSTO — Who Will Gain the Upper Hand?

The traditional rule-based order is over

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has dramatically impacted the post-Cold War security architecture compelling all international actors to restart their quest for peace, deterrence and resilience. 

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The Curse of the Bridgehead

Is Kaliningrad doomed to be forever a Russian military base?

Kaliningrad is Russia’s most westward oblast. While its position now makes it the most likely place for a flair-up directly between Moscow and the West, it is also Russia’s most ‘European’ region. 

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Hungary Further Isolated on the World Stage

Hungary is abandoned while Ukraine ships out grain again

In this Monthly Foresight, we look at Viktor Orbán’s fiery speech, Poland’s energy hurdles and elections in Latvia and the Czech Republic.

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Slovak Disinformation Scene at the End of the Year 2021

In the lead up to the invasion of Ukraine, Russia was pushing its anti-NATO narrative in Slovakia

Slovakia‘s disinformation-conspiracy scene consists of actors operating in different areas of public life, with different social status and often even with different ideological inclinations.

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Western Balkans Futures: Five Scenarios for 2030

What futures could await the Western Balkans in 2030? Explore the full potential of a strategic foresight brought together by Visegrad Insight and top regional partners in Central Europe and Western Balkans.

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