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The Means Of Destruction

Russia's economic model focuses on destruction rather than production which, in turn, legitimises violence 

The surrealist Marxism of the Soviet Union laid the foundation for contemporary Russia’s military-industrial complex.

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EU Watches Idly As Poland and Slovakia Fail To Unblock Road Traffic With Ukraine 

Democratic Security Outlook 2023: 27 November -  3 December

The European Commission held technical rather than high-level talks with Poland and Slovakia over their failure to keep the EU’s external border with Ukraine open to road transport. Illegal blockages by small groups of Polish and Slovak truckers demanding curbs on their Ukrainian counterparts have caused miles-long queues on the...

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Viktor Orbán’s New Assault on Free Media and Civil Society

The governing party, Fidesz, submits a draft bill to parliament that will choke foreign donations to Hungary's starving independent NGO and media sectors

Hungary’s draft Sovereignty Protection bill will serve as an informal campaign tool at least until the June 2024 EP elections and will most likely be challenged by the European Commission, but its chilling effect and negative impact on Hungarian civil society can hardly be overestimated.

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Firmly Back on the EU Track: Bulgaria’s Odd Coalition Repels Russian Influence 

Bulgaria's coalition of ideological opponents has defied expectations

Within five months of taking office, Bulgaria’s “grand coalition” of one-time sworn political enemies is making substantial progress in realigning the Balkan nation with the EU mainstream and limiting Russian influence.

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America’s Extreme Right Echoes European Illiberalism

Transatlantic supporters of democracy must coordinate efforts against the rise of the extreme right in the West

MAGA Republicans are proposing policies which are in lockstep with the illiberal tendencies witnessed in Europe, and if successful in the polls, these transnational movements can potentially remake both the American and European systems of government to the detriment of democracy.

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Hungary Digs In Over Ukraine, EU Rules Ahead Of a Key Summit 

Democratic Security Outlook 2023: 20 November - 26 November 

Ukraine is struggling to maintain momentum in its war with Russia and drive to begin EU membership talks as the US remains deadlocked on further aid for Kyiv. At the same time, the EU is grappling with Hungary’s intransigence and Germany’s budget crisis ahead of the crucial December summit.

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Narrative Battles Over the Velvet Revolution Anniversary

The anniversary of the 1989 fall of communism has become the sliding battlefield of Czech political narratives.

The Velvet Revolution has also become a battlefield of rivalling political narratives, with billionaire and ANO party leader Andrej Babiš setting the populist agenda.

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Improving Poland’s Relations With Germany Will Be Easy, Except… 

Meaningful dialogue between Warsaw and Berlin must resume for the sake of Europe 

Poland’s new incoming government will seek to mend fences with Germany, but despite Berlin’s turn away from the flawed Russia policy, both countries will need to bridge several fundamental differences over security and the future of Europe.

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How European Democracies Are to Survive a New Trump Age

Special foresight report for the EU's Strategic Agenda 2024-2029

The next five years will be the make-or-break moment for the European promise to ensure peace, stability and prosperity.

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Ukraine Accession Talks Greenlighted As Poland’s Kaczyński Lambasts EU 

Democratic Security Outlook 2023: 13 November - 19 November 

The European Commission recommended opening accession talks with Ukraine and Moldova, while in Warsaw, the ruling Law and Justice delayed the transfer of power to the new majority in parliament, accusing it of colluding with the EU to destroy Poland’s sovereignty by supporting internal reforms of the bloc. 

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Viktor Orbán’s New Magic Campaign Weapon: “Protecting Sovereignty”

Hungary's entrenched autocrat goes on a new offensive

Viktor Orbán’s shrewd talent for perpetuating a permanent campaign mode in Hungary has a new slogan, “Protecting Sovereignty”.

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Democracy Remains Resilient In V4 Nations Despite Mistrust – Survey 

Region-spanning research breaks down the state of Central Europe's democracies 

The recent Polish and Slovak elections produced divergent political outcomes from the point of view of adherence to democratic values but reflect broader social trends and attitudes of societies in Central and Eastern Europe, according to the “Democratic Trends in Central Europe” survey conducted by a consortium of Central and...

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How European Democracies Are To Survive a New Trump Age

The following report outlines how the next five years will be the make-or-break moment for the European promise to ensure peace, stability and prosperity.

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