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Report: New Digital Frontier

CEE Voices on the Metaverse

The metaverse offers a new platform for solving many of today’s most pressing issues, but will we be able to realise its full potential? Read the new report, made in partnership with Meta.

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Unprecedented: Péter Magyar Employs Media to Successfully Challenge Viktor Orbán – INTERVIEW

For the first time in 14 years, Viktor Orbán is on the defensive 

Péter Magyar’s emergence on the front line of Hungarian politics has shaken both the ruling and opposition parties. Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz has never faced such a political crisis in its last 14 years of power. But it remains to be seen whether Magyar will be able to translate current interest...

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Guarding Vital Interests: European Cohesion Amidst a Potential Trump Re-election – COMMENTARY 

Fortifying European Bonds and Why the EU won't fall apart as it rearms 

The prospect of another Trump presidency is already pushing Europeans closer together to defend what they perceive as their vital interests.

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Slovakia’s Russia Turn Deepens As Pellegrini Wins Presidential Vote

Democratic Security Outlook 2024: 8-14 April 

Peter Pellegrini, a close ally of Slovak nationalist and pro-Russian PM Robert Fico, won the second round of presidential elections, which is likely to entrench the country’s recent turn towards Russia. In the Polish local elections, the opposition Law and Justice (PiS) confirmed its position as the country’s biggest party,...

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Slovakia’s Shift. Pellegrini’s Presidential Win Signals Stronger Russia Ties – QUICK TAKE

Presidential elections 2024 in Slovakia

Peter Pellegrini triumphs in Slovak elections, signalling a new era of Russia-aligned leadership.

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New Political Geometry Boosts Europe’s Defence

Democratic Security Brief in V4: January - March 2024

The war waged by Russia is not universally recognised in the EU as an existential challenge to the West. Hence, the EU has not fully mobilised its potential in the defence industry and military preparedness. Given the rise of isolationist voices in the US and the proliferation of disinformation in...

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Slovakia’s Presidential Election Has An Unexpected Favourite Ahead of Run-off

The Fico government will try to salvage what they can in the coming days, whatever it takes

It was all going according to plan. Of all the politicians that the Robert Fico-led coalition could put forward, Peter Pellegrini was the best positioned to fulfil the role. But the first round of the presidential election appears to have jolted his seemingly unshakeable position in the polls.

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Political Crisis Will Not Derail Bulgaria’s Pro-Western Turn – INTERVIEW

But Bulgaria heads for another early election after its grand coalition falls apart.

After its establishment just nine months ago, Bulgaria’s strange “coalition of rivals” has finally broken down. This will lead to another early election, but for the time being Bulgaria’s pro-Western course seems safe. It remains to be seen how such elections will align with the upcoming EP elections and what...

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Europe’s Ammunition And Electric Cars Connection  – QUICK TAKE

The EU's green agenda and enhancing defence industry capacity are intricately linked and crucial for the future of the European project

The EU’s green agenda and boosting the defence industry capacity have more in common than meets the eye. In fact, the future of the European project depends on realising how vital the connection is.

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The Bratislava-Budapest-Moscow Hotline: What Babiš Doesn’t Say about Fico and Orbán

Andrej Babiš increasingly aligns his rhetoric and actions with politicians who cheer for Putin

Before an extraordinary parliamentary session focused on security threats, Andrej Babiš refuted claims that his frequent communication with the Hungarian and Slovak governments posed a risk to the Czech Republic and facilitated Europe’s access to Russia. Unfortunately for the head of the ANO movement, two cases have surfaced recently that...

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Baltic Sea Nations on Alert: Hybrid Tactics Pose an Increased Threat to Critical Gas Infrastructure

Weaponising energy for geopolitical domination

After numerous attacks on gas infrastructure, especially in the Baltic Sea, the West must act collectively to shore up defences and create a coherent security policy focused on energy independence.

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Slovak Opposition Scores Upset in Presidential Vote over Fico’s Ally 

Democratic Security Outlook 2024: March 25-31

Slovakia’s opposition figure and ex-diplomat Ivan Korčok confounded opinion polls to score a first-round victory in the presidential election on Saturday, edging ahead of lower house speaker Peter Pellegrini, an ally of pro-Russian Prime Minister Robert Fico. A run-off between the two men will be held on 6 April.

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EU Values Foresight from the Visegrad Four Civil Society Leaders

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Costs of Non-enlargement

Non-enlargement costs are the political and social risks explored through a strategic foresight exercise in partnership with the ZEIT STIFTUNG BUCERIUS.

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