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Report: The Three Seas Initiative and Complex Digital Challenges

Consequences for democracy and prospects for multi-stakeholder engagement

The EU is in the midst of developing regulatory frameworks for new technologies and digitalisation, and the Three Seas countries have a strong interest in being active in such processes.

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Three Meetings With Xi Jinping

When the Chinese and Russian leaders meet, escalation is soon to follow

Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow confirmed unfortunate suspicions that China isn’t interested in peace but a Russian victory.

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Finnish Elections: Sanna Marin’s Future as PM Hangs in the Balance

Polls show support rising for conservative and right-wing parties

This weekend, voters in Finland will decide if they want Sanna Marin to continue as the country’s leader. The politician has won domestic and international praise for her steadfast leadership, but economic troubles may be the deciding factor in the end.

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How Will Coal Backtracking Affect Just Transition in Poland and the V4?

Visegrad Insight Policy Brief

A window of opportunity to receive subsidies for transitioning from coal to a green economy is closing for several regions in Poland and the V4. A decarbonisation strategy is needed to ensure the prosperity of disadvantaged communities.

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Are the MiG-29s Breaking the Taboo on Long-range Weapon Deliveries?

Delay in the supply of munitions both emboldening the aggressor and prolonging the conflict

A year after Russia’s assault on Ukraine, Western reluctance to send longer-range weapons to Ukraine remains deeply rooted in fears of nuclear escalation by a desperate Moscow. But Ukraine will struggle for victory without the ability to strike well behind Russian lines.

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How the EU’s Ammunition Plan for Ukraine Can Succeed

Democratic Security Outlook 2023: 27 March 2 April

Zelenskyy says Ukraine cannot launch an effective counteroffensive without long-range munitions. The statement comes days after EU member states and Norway agreed on collaborative production of ammunition and EU’s Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton toured ammunition factories in several central European member states.

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The Strategic Drive of the China-Russia Alliance

Xi's visit to Moscow confirms focus on the global challenge to US

President Xi’s visit to Russia this week was short on substance but long on propaganda. Still, it made one thing clear – despite Putin’s setbacks in Ukraine, China sees its alliance with Russia as a long-term strategic drive to replace the US-led world order and gain leverage over Europe. This...

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Ukraine in the EU: Making the Impossible Happen – An Interview with Ivan Krastev

Although the task would be monumentally challenging, integration should be the centre of European policy

To continue the discussion of the Future of Europe after the war, we follow up on last month’s interview with Timothy Garton Ash to focus on European developments inside and out with Ivan Krastev.

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Local Governments Struggling Under Centralisation Trends

Municipalities had to fight COVID-19 and their own national governments at the same time

The COVID-19 crisis presented new kinds of challenges for local governments both in terms of crisis management tasks and the quickly changing legal, political and financial framework in which they operate.

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War and the Future of Europe

The following report projects four different scenarios which map out how European democratic security will be challenged by 2030 and how to prepare for it.

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