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No Appeasement from Biden in Munich

CE's Clear Choice in a Dichotomous World

If Joe Biden’s clear stance in Munich is followed by action and concrete policies, Central Europe will be faced with a choice that they did not have to make in the previous years. While there is no space for appeasement with Russia, Central Europeans can no longer balance interests and...

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A Different Kind of Social Media Freedom

New Regulatory Offensive by the Polish Government

A Polish government proposal obliges major social media platforms to standardise, monitor and report complaints against its decisions regarding the removal of user-generated content. The creation of a so-called ‘Freedom of Speech Council’ risks bringing an Orwellian approach to social media, and it would shape the playfield on which the...

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Biden Gears Up to Take on Russian Energy Influence

Moving Away from Nord Stream 2 and Gazprom’s Monopoly

Amid US opposition, the natural gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 is about to be the latest and greatest addition to the Gazprom gas influence effort over Central and Eastern Europe. All hinges upon when the 11 billion euros pipeline built under the Baltic Sea and connecting to Germany will be...

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The Visegrad Group Turns 30

Past Achievements and Future Challenges

Summary of the video chat meeting on the thirtieth anniversary of the Visegrad Group countries held on 15 February 2021 with an evaluation of past achievements and failures of the last decades.

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Searching for Immunity

Democratic Security Outlook: 22-28 February

Vladimir Putin will travel to Minsk while Russia is being accused of trying to capitalise on the epidemic, and a Czech minister is prioritising a push for nuclear power plant tenders to go ahead when the country is combatting a severe COVID-19 outbreak.

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Understanding and Misunderstanding Arendt’s Banality of Evil Today

The Fragility of Checks and Balances in Institutions

While we tend to think of evil as a peril of anti-democratic regimes, its banal form as an inability to think about the effect and meaning of our own actions can spread through institutions regardless of the regime.

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Bringing the V4’s Commitment to the Western Balkans into Action

Coordination Will Make the Journey to the EU Easier

As the Czech EU Council Presidency in 2022 is approaching, it is likely that the V4 countries will coordinate their stance towards the Western Balkans. So far, they have been generally supportive of EU enlargement, but they differ in their approaches to the region.

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Ten Things You Should Know about the Visegrad Group

Will the V4 Split Apart?

What is the V4? Does the Visegrad Group still exist? How do you pronounce Visegrad? How big is the Visegrad Group? Did you hear about Plintenburg? Is Viktor Orbán the leader of the V4? What has the Visegrad Group ever delivered for the rest of Europe? Find out in our new...

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Orbán’s Salami Tactics to Overcome Independent Media

How to Reverse the Budapest-Warsaw Express?

After Klubrádió’s fate has been sealed, Polish journalists have an opportunity to share with Hungarian colleagues their know-how to crowdfund a new internet radio station successfully. While Budapest and Warsaw differ in their approach to subjugate the media, they require a common set of responses.

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Ukraine Blocks Pro-Russian Television Channels

Kremlin Threats to the Information Space

Ukraine and Belarus are prime examples for studying the Kremlin’s tactics in creating and supporting a pro-Russian lobby. The use of sanctions against individuals and their media assets, especially when they are supported by Western sanctions, can lead to the erosion of Russian influence.

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Scenarios for Eastern Partnership 2030

In 2009, the European Union and six of its Eastern neighbours launched the Eastern Partnership (EaP) with the stated aim of building a common area of shared democracy, prosperity, stability and increased cooperation. A decade on, however, progress has been mixed.

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