Summary & Vision

One of the most serious threats that Central Europe (CE) is facing today is the decline of democratic values that undoubtedly leads to the spread of false information over international values, including NATO and European Union (EU) policies and intentions, and corrodes trust in democratic institutions and and sense of security. More prone to the situation are women – less active in the security issues, and topics connected to resilience, NATO capabilities or defense spending. This lesser presence and interest among women for security issues motivated Visegrad​/​Insight to implement a project: ​#W​om​E​n​AreNATOwhere multiple voices of different ​women-leaders ​and ​high-level ​female opinion-shapers ​will be put together to develop a stronger and ​broader dialogue ​on how to jointly defend the core values of the democratic world, especially these ensuring security and peace. The earlier identified female-leaders and opinion-shapers will prepare texts or interviews in Polish targeted for the given female-audience, and later translated to English and promoted through regional (CE) channels. These texts will serve promoting NATO values and narratives but also as role models for sharing experience within the region. Put together in a ​Visegrad​/​Insight special report, promoted at most influential women circles, conferences, meetings, and on-line, will also be announced in a women-only ​conference in Warsawdevoted to NATO, it’s activity, and priorities, and ​gathering the international women-leaders​ audience.

Overall OBJECTIVES of #W​om​E​n​AreNATO:

  • developing the voices of female new opinion leaders who stand up for the democratic and security ideas and values in public debate
  • developing network of female experts and opinion-leaders in CE who work on security-related topics
  • advancing the leadership and professional development of women in the field of international peace and security
  • supporting women policy engagement initiatives on critical international security issues, including the nexus between gender and security
  • supporting and boosting pro-democratic narratives and debates on international security via different female-focused media channels
  • stimulating and increasing the quality of public debate among women in post-communist Europe and address the growing security-related resentments dominating the Region

● female ​general audience and users of female-directed media in Poland and CE

● generations of women and sectors (academic, practitioner , and policymaker)

● female ​students, graduates or working professionals

● female new opinion leaders – the group of journalists, activists, innovators, experts and pop-culture celebrities (selected from the network of NewEurope100 female-challengers (​www.ne100.org​)


● identification of high-profile female opinion leaders in CE security

● a series of 12 extensive articles or interviews in Polish (and translated into English) on:

● women ​awareness ​of most pressing security challenges in CE and NATO activities, necessity ofwomen empowerment in security-related structures, ​advancing the role of women in the field of ​international peace and security as a key to ​advancing peace and security in our ​world,civic engagement to prevent anti-EU, anti-NATO, anti-institutional radicalism, or fake news and media disintegrity.


Contact person: Magda Jakubowska ​m.jakubowska@res.publica.pl​ ​+48 694401980
Res Publica Foundation is publisher for ​Visegrad​/​Insight – a magazine with best analysis and opinions on Central Europe, and leading partner for innovator’s network project – ​N​e​w​Europe​100​.