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Project: Trajectories of Change – Strategic Foresight for EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood

New Tribunal Announced to Prosecute Russian Crime of Aggression in Ukraine

From Warsaw to Paris: Our Report on the Road

Russia’s War Against Ukraine Has Returned the Moral High Ground to Europe

Event: War and the Future of Europe with St Antony’s College, Oxford

Project: Foresight On European Values and Democratic Security

The Mystery Behind the Wagner Group

Event: Foresight Breakfast with BAKS

Russian Opposition: Friends Or Foes?

The CEE Electoral Year Spun By A Revolutionary Moment

OUBZ Exercises: The “Unbreakable Brotherhood” with Russia Is No More

Is the Windfall Tax the Best Tool For the V4 Countries?

What to Expect From Putin’s Rogue Friends

Event: State of Czechia

Event: How CEE Can Help EU Enlargement

New job openings in January 2023

How Does This War End for Europe?

The Price of Human Rights On and Off the Pitch

Regional Security Requires Ukraine and Hungary To Work Together

Event: NATO 2030 – What Security For Central Europe?

Conference: How Does this War End for Europe?

Event: Berlin 5 Dec 2022 | Strategic Foresight & Panel Discussion

Georgia’s Balancing Act Between Russia and the West

Event: How Does this War End for Europe?

Event: Bucharest 3SI Digital Future foresight roundtable

Two on Polish Border Killed by Projectile and Why Russia is to Blame

Kyiv Caught Somewhere Between China and Taiwan

Tech Sanctions Can Deindustrailise Russia

Future of Ukraine Fellows

Olena Zelenska’s Soft Power

Event: Illiberal Constitutionalism Workshop

Event: 3SI Digital Future foresight roundtable at Riga Conference 2022 | 21/10/2022

Russia Loses the (Former) Soviet Union…Again

Media Coverage – Four Scenarios for Europe at War

Ukrainian Women’s Football Under Russian Missiles

Strategic Foresight: Voices from CEE on the Future of Europe

Project: On Climate & Democratic Security in CEE

The War of Internet Memes in Belarus

FAQ — What Difference Can the European Political Community Make?

Central Asia’s Reliance on Russia Has Made It Vulnerable to Conflict

Unlike Ukrainian Refugees, Afghans are Neglected In Poland

How to Stop Russia From Bribing European Politicians

Kick-off Foresight Conference on War and the Future of Europe

Event: War and the Future of Europe | Paris 27/9/2022

Crimea Is the Final Battle for Ukraine

The Conflicts That Outlived Gorbachev

Conference: War and the Future of Europe | Warsaw 15/9/2022

Event: Elves and Trolls Campus Polska 2022

Russian Disinformation Targets Polish Business

The Ukrainian Counteroffensive for Kherson

Security Guarantees for Ukraine

The ‘Bucha Massacre’ Narrated Through the Eyes of Pro-Russian Media

The Illusion of Legality in Russia’s Illegal Occupations

Pro-Kremlin Disinformation in Ukraine — Five Key Messages 

The New Czech Government in Pro-Kremlin Media — A Case Study of the Sputnik CZ ‘News Site’

NATO vs CSTO — Who Will Gain the Upper Hand?

The Curse of the Bridgehead

Slovak Disinformation Scene at the End of the Year 2021

Are EU Sanctions Against Russia Enforceable?

Odesa Defends Not Only Itself but All of South Central Europe

Is Sport Beyond Politics?

Ukraine Is Coming Back to the Centre of Europe

The Weaponisation of Food in the War of Atrocities

Digital Leaders in CEE Region Afraid of Doing Business with China

Project: Ask Europe – Voices on the Future of Europe

Event: China’s Digital Footprint in CEE

Event: Is the EU Doing Enough for Ukraine to Win? 30 June @ 9AM [in-person]

Event: How Brussels Becomes a Real Geopolitical Actor. 27 June at 17:00 CET

The Great Orthodox Battle Amid the Russian Invasion

Event: Ukraine and the Future of the EU [in Polish]

The Attempted ‘Correction’ of Central Europe

Project: China’s Digital Footprint in Central and Eastern Europe

Divide and Rule — How Russia Wants to Win the Information Cold War

Event: How can the EU deliver on democratic security? Brussels, 13 June, 5 PM

Event: How to Protect Ukrainian Women in the EU?

How Pro-Russian Collaborators Are Dealt With in Ukraine

Project: Central European Voices on EU: Perspectives on Democratic Security in V4

Recognising Own National Identity in the Post-Soviet Space Is the Necessary Defence Against Imperialist Russia

What’s Up in Western Balkans? Ask an Expert

Is There Still a Place for Russia in the European Security System?

How Putin’s War May Affect the Western Balkans

The ‘Dialogue’ Between Belgrade and Pristina

The Future of Europe Is Not Only Written in Budapest and Warsaw

Where to Next, Western Balkans?

Simulating Five Scenarios for the Western Balkans

Will the Debate on the Euro Save Central Europe’s EU Future?

It Was Only After the Invasion That the Future of Europe Began to Be Discussed in Earnest

Event: War in Ukraine – Untold Stories

Western Balkans as Another Friction Point

Russia’s Digital Battleground: Polish Society

The Western Balkans and the European Union

Event: How the War in Ukraine is Affecting Disinformation in Romania

Event: De-polarization of society

Closed-door Meeting with MP Péter Ungár

Security in the Western Balkans

The Crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The War in Ukraine and the Western Balkans

Event in Bratislava: Social and Economic Consequences of the War in Ukraine

Event in Prague: Social and Economic Consequences of the War in Ukraine

The Serbian Gambit

New EU in the World

Future of Ukraine Fellowship

Letter: For the Official Recognition of Ukraine as a Candidate State for EU Membership

Project: V4 Defense Policy Challenge

The Position of the V4 towards War in Ukraine 

Conference: State of Hungary

Event: Is the EU Doing Enough to Shield CEE Democracies from Autocratic Influences?

Event: What Future Holds for Western Balkans

Event: Belarus – A Silent Victim of Russia?

Event: CEE response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Event: Central Europe on the Conference on the Future of Europe

Time for the EU to Deal Fairly with the Western Balkans

Event: Protecting Democratic Security Set Up in Central Europe

Project: Foresight on Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Project: COVID disinformation and negative impact on ability to prevent pandemic

Project: New Propaganda and Disinfo in CEE

Project: Three Seas Initiative Digital Civil Society Forum

Weakness of Serbian Government Laid Bare

Event: What Impact Will the Summit for Democracy Have on Central Europe?

Closed-door Meeting with Péter Márki-Zay

Conference: What Scenarios for Eastern Partnership?

Path to Democracy in Belarus

Political Hostage Crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Meeting: Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya on the Future of Belarus in Europe

Report: Diverging Paths of Journalists in CEE

Event: Climate Justice, Central European Perspectives

Our.Future: Visegrad 2025

Towards 3SI Civil Society Forum

Open Call — Marcin Król Fellowship 2021-22

Event: Czechs Head to the Polls

Event: Zapad 2021: Threats of the War Games

New Europe 100 Forum 3.0

Western Balkans Futures Scenario-Building Workshop

Event: Ukraine’s Security Aspirations in the Black Sea Region

Event: Migrant Crisis on the EU-Belarusian Border

How to Make 3SI a Force of Good

Report Launch: Towards 3SI Civil Society Forum

V4 Presidency: Poland’s Achievements, Expectations for Hungary

Event: Unpacking CEE Economic Recovery Plans: Hungary and Poland

Online Discussion: Joerg Forbrig and Serge Kharytonau on air piracy by Belarus

Subscribers event: CEE Towards Israel

Western Balkans Futures

Subscribers event: What’s Next for Czech-Russian Relations?

Project: Connecting V4 and Other Regional Expert Networks

Rethink 1989 Event: Media and Civil Society Renewal in CEE

Discussion with MEPs: EU-US Relations on the first 100 Days of Biden’s Presidency

Debate with MEPs on Freedom of the Media in Central Europe

Does the Eastern Partnership Have a Future?

Israel’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Transforms Ideas into Businesses

The Broken Justice System in Central Europe

Project: CEE-UK Online Interactive Influencers Conference

The Visegrad Group Turns 30

A Nudge in the Right Direction

Gig Economy Increases Its Share

Fintech Meets National Security

Plastic versus Cash

COVID-19’s Long-Term Impact on Education

Adaptability versus Talent

The Populist Effects of COVID-19

Cool Jobs in the Future

Pragmatic Learning

EU Instruments for Funding in Central Europe

A Bigger Piece of the Pie

Work-Life During a Pandemic

Education, the Future is Here

The Economic Casualties of COVID-19

Skills for the Future

Online Shopping, a Safer Alternative

Central Europe’s Digital Divide

Support in the Fight for Freedom

Project: #WomenAreNATO learn how to combat dis-info

Scenarios Resulting from Nagorno-Karabakh

Why Lithuanian Elections Matter?

Belarus, Acceleration or Alteration

Keeping Pace with Digitalisation

Is the EU Doing Enough on China?

Hard to Ignore

Polish Presidential Election Result

Danger to Journalistic Integrity

Critical Juncture

More than Defending Borders

Scenario-building Workshops

State of Play on the EU Budget

Wikipedia as a Battlefield

Video-chat with Radosław Sikorski

All the Bad Instincts

Democracy under Quarantine

Managing Expectations

Distant Liaisons

Seeds of Self-Destruction

European Futures Forum in Brussels

[LIVE] European #Futures Forum

A Slice of Brexit History

In Need of Tolerance

Project: Eastern Partnership Futures: 2030

View from the Central European Street

Project: NATO Is Stronger With Women On Board

Migrants Needed Now

Caught in Zugzwang

Conference #WomenAreNATO

Reaching Out to the Underrepresented

The Polish-German Relationship

Social media engagement

Women Are NATO

Events in Europe and in the USA

Conference: Central European Futures Polish-German Cooperation After EU Parliamentary Elections

Events and Conferences 2019

Future of gas in Central Europe

Workshops – CE2025

Countries Divided

Decision makers

Politico about Central European Futures

Budapest Debate

A Brief from the V/I Breakfast Round Table # 4

New Europe 100 – Second Edition

New Europe 100

Project: Special Edition in Ukrainian Weekly on the Visegrad Group