Event: State of Poland

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8 October 2023

A week-long debate on the country’s future and its place in Central and East Europe. We have gathered Poland’s leading voices to discuss the state of Poland.

On 15 October, Poles will go to the polls to vote in the parliamentary elections. Visegrad Insight will offer up-to-the-minute information on the elections. It will preview the elections more systematically, inviting politicians, experts, analysts, and leading journalists to discuss the current ‘State of Poland’ with an outlook for the future in mind.

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On Monday, 9 October 2023 – 3 PM CET / 9 AM ET

Speakers: Agnieszka Homańska (Visegrad Insight), Justyna Pawlak (Thomson Reuters), Aleks Szczerbiak (University of Sussex)

Moderator: Wojciech Przybylski (Visegrad Insight)

On Tuesday, 10 October 2023 – 3 PM CET / 9 AM ET

Speakers: Michał Broniatowski (POLITICO), Jan Piekło (Former Polish Ambassador on Ukraine), Aleksandra Klitina (Visegrad Insight, UKRINFORM)

Moderator: Magda Jakubowska (Visegrad Insight)

On Wednesday, 11 October 2023 – 3 PM CET / 9 AM ET

Speakers: Marek Rozkrut (EY), Beata Jaczewska (Deloitte), Martin Ehl ( Visegrad Insight, Hospodářské noviny)

Moderator: Adam Jasser (Visegrad Insight)

On Thursday, 12 October 2023 – 3 PM CET / 9 AM ET

Speakers: Justyna Gotkowska (OSW), Piotr Łukasiewicz (Polityka Insight), Sigita Struberga ( Visegrad Insight, LATO)

Moderator: Wojciech Przybylski (Visegrad Insight)

This interactive conference will involve high-level speakers and thematic sessions highlighting what is at stake in this Central European country. It is part of a broader focus Visegrad Insight is putting on the elections ten years after our founding.


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