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Long-delayed V4 Summit in Prague Unlikely to End Disunity

26 February 2024

Navalny’s Killing Shows Putin Senses Leeway as US Wavers over Ukraine

19 February 2024

Poland Seeks Joint Action Plan on Ukraine with Germany and France 

12 February 2024

EU Approves Ukraine Aid While Kyiv is Riveted by the Fate of Top Commander 

5 February 2024

Hungary’s Isolation Deepens Before EU Council on Ukraine Funding

29 January 2024

Orbán and Fico Close Ranks to Defend Their Authoritarian, Pro-Russia Course

22 January 2024

Poland in Turmoil as New Government Takes Steps to Restore Rule of Law 

15 January 2024

Council President Michel To Vacate Post As the EU Enters Election Year

8 January 2024

Policy Brief: CEE Division Over Ukraine Becomes the Top Issue For the EU For 2024

28 December 2023

EU Anger at Orban Grows Despite His U-Turn to Unblock Ukraine’s accession talks

18 December 2023

Policy Brief: How To Foster a Green Transition While Decreasing Dependency On China

14 December 2023

EU Summit Faces Test Over Hungarian Threats to Veto Ukraine Aid

11 December 2023

EVENT Bratislava: What Are Slovakia’s Priorities For the Next EU Agenda?

7 December 2023

EVENT Prague: How to Save Democracy and Ensure a Ukraine Victory?

7 December 2023

EVENT Warsaw: What are the Polish priorities for the next EU Agenda?

4 December 2023

EU Leaders On a De-risking Trip To Beijing As CEE Exposure To China Flashes Red 

4 December 2023

Policy Brief: The Greening Process of Heating and Transportation

29 November 2023

EVENT Prague: Czechia – What are the priorities for the next EU Agenda?

29 November 2023

EU Watches Idly As Poland and Slovakia Fail To Unblock Road Traffic With Ukraine 

27 November 2023

Hungary Digs In Over Ukraine, EU Rules Ahead Of a Key Summit 

20 November 2023

EVENT Budapest: What are Hungary’s priorities in the next EU Agenda?

14 November 2023

Ukraine Accession Talks Greenlighted As Poland’s Kaczyński Lambasts EU 

13 November 2023

Von der Leyen In Kyiv Sounds Optimistic On Ukraine’s EU Accession Talks 

6 November 2023

EVENT Brussels: Will the next EU Agenda save Ukraine and democracy?

6 November 2023

Orbán Isolated At EU Summit, Votes Along Austria, Croatia, Czechia and the US Against Hamas

30 October 2023

Orbán Meets Putin As V4 Shaken By a Shift Of Power In Poland and Slovakia 

23 October 2023

Poland’s Pro-EU Opposition Ahead in Elections

16 October 2023

Polish Ruling Eurosceptics Struggle a Week Before Elections

9 October 2023

Event: State of Poland

8 October 2023

Policy Brief: EU Migration and Enlargement Ambitions Fall on Deaf Ears in CEE

6 October 2023

Pro-Russian Fico ekes out victory in Slovakia, EU summit on defence

2 October 2023

Slovaks to Elect Parliament in Test For EU Unity On Ukraine

25 September 2023

Visa-for-cash migrant scandal spreads from Poland to Hungary

18 September 2023

India, backed by the US and Europe, launches alternative to Belt and Road

11 September 2023

Policy Report: How to Address Energy Poverty in Poland

4 September 2023

Germany Says Ukraine’s EU Entry Is a Matter of Common Security   

4 September 2023

China Expands Brics. Putin No-Show Overlaps With Prigrozhin Assasination

28 August 2023

Workshop: Civic Foresight Lab at European Forum Alpbach

25 August 2023

Ukraine President Thanks Denmark and the Netherlands for F-16s

21 August 2023

Erdoğan to visit Hungary, Polish election campaign kicks into high gear  

14 August 2023

Russia’s Role in the Black Sea Disrupted

7 August 2023

Ukrainian-backed Peace Summit Will Be Held in Saudi Arabia

31 July 2023

Spain’s Vox, Allied With Orban and Kaczyński, Flops in Election

24 July 2023

Policy Brief: Avoiding Pitfalls and Building Resilience for SMEs

24 July 2023

Traffic Halted on Crimean Bridge After Explosions

17 July 2023

Project: Trajectories of Change – Strategic Foresight for EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood

12 July 2023

Ukraine to Get “Pathway” to NATO Membership at Summit

10 July 2023

Policy Brief: CEE Electoral Polarisation Puts EU and Ukraine at Risk

6 July 2023

Ukraine Prepares for Potential Disaster at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant

3 July 2023

What Scenarios for Belarus – A Foresight Breakfast

28 June 2023

Putin’s Weakness Exposed by Farcical Wagner “Coup”

26 June 2023

Putin Says Nuclear Weapons Deployed in Belarus

19 June 2023

Ukraine Offensive Underway as NATO Ponders Security Offer to Kyiv

12 June 2023

Hundreds of Thousands Rally to Defend Polish Democracy

5 June 2023

Poland’s Ruling Party Adopts “Lex Tusk”, Erdoğan Clinches Victory

29 May 2023

Ukraine To Get F-16s

22 May 2023

Turkish Presidential Race Heads to a Runoff

15 May 2023

Orbán Gathers Like-Minded Leaders for Anti-western Gabfest That Would Suit Moscow May 9 Parade

8 May 2023

Europe Day Celebrations Marred By Russia’s War

2 May 2023

Project: Citizens Foresight on 2024 European Parliament Elections with Voices from CEE

28 April 2023

Central Europe Demands Clarification From China

24 April 2023

Event: How the EU’s Electoral Cycle Will Define its Future

18 April 2023

Polish Hungarian Frenemies Strike Ukraine on Grain Exports

17 April 2023

Ukraine Energy Exports Resurrected

11 April 2023

Elections Under Information Pressures And Narrative Battles

3 April 2023

Policy Brief: How Will Coal Backtracking Affect Just Transition in Poland and the V4?

29 March 2023

How the EU’s Ammunition Plan for Ukraine Can Succeed

27 March 2023

Ukrainian Spring

20 March 2023

Unrest In the EU Neighbourhood

13 March 2023

Pro-Ukraine Stances Pay Off In Central European Politics

6 March 2023

Swedish and Finnish NATO Ratification, Hungarian Discussions Hint at Further Delays

27 February 2023

Project: Foresight On European Values and Democratic Security

26 February 2023

The Battle of Narratives is Playing Out in CEE

20 February 2023

Moldovan Cabinet Resigned Under Pressure From Russia

13 February 2023

Can Populists Strike Back In Slovakia?

6 February 2023

Prague Castle Reoriented Towards the EU core

30 January 2023

More to European Defence than Meets the Eye

23 January 2023

Policy Brief: Is the Windfall Tax the Best Tool For the V4 Countries?

20 January 2023

Czech Society Targeted By Polarising Campaign

16 January 2023

Babiš Wins First Round in Court

9 January 2023

The Changing of the Guard at Prague Castle

5 January 2023

Slovakia Averts Budgetary Crisis

3 January 2023

Political Instability in Slovakia Deepens

19 December 2022

Can Europe Arm Itself Against Rogue Leaders?

12 December 2022

Slovak Government Faces No Confidence Test

5 December 2022

Corruption Is Central Europe’s Soft Underbelly

1 December 2022

Orbán Still Eying Regional Cleavages

28 November 2022

Poland and Hungary Vie for Elusive EU Funds

21 November 2022

Hot and Cold Receptions for the G20

14 November 2022

Formalities Aside: We Need a Real EU border

7 November 2022

Central Europe Seeks Out Nuclear Power to Solve Energy Crisis

1 November 2022

Permanent “State of Danger” in Hungary

31 October 2022

Are We the Last Generation To Experience Democracy?

24 October 2022

EU Enlargement Stands for Stability on the Continent

17 October 2022

Putin’s Bridge to Europe on Fire

10 October 2022

FAQ — What Difference Can the European Political Community Make?

6 October 2022

The Region Heats up as the Weather Cools Down

3 October 2022

While Moscow Celebrates, the Ukrainians Advance

3 October 2022

Central Europe’s Autocrats Find a Friend in Meloni

26 September 2022

Commission Finally Gets Serious on Hungary

19 September 2022

Xi Comes to Console His Weakened Ally

12 September 2022

Elections Happening as Energy Prices Bite

5 September 2022

Europe Looking for a Common Voice as Russia Tries to Exploit Weaknesses

29 August 2022

Cabinets Brace for Energy Reality Ahead of Winter

22 August 2022

China’s Belt and Road Just Got Shorter

16 August 2022

Victor Orbán visits Texas for CPAC

8 August 2022

Orbán Spreads Russian Narratives After Hungarian Foreign Minister Visits Moscow

25 July 2022

The Czechs Are Probing for EU Treaty Change

18 July 2022

Currencies Inflate and Protests Will Grow

11 July 2022

Eastern Flank Defence on the Table in June NATO Summit

27 June 2022

FAQ – What Will Come from This Year’s NATO Summit?

22 June 2022

Ukraine Fights While EU Debates its Future

20 June 2022

The European Big Three Go to Kyiv

13 June 2022

Governments Fall in Estonia and Rise in Slovenia

6 June 2022

Event: How Can the V4 Even Continue?

24 May 2022

Civil Society Gave Its Voice to the Three Seas Initiative

23 May 2022

Ukraine Successfully Woos Germany

16 May 2022

Division Over Oil Sanctions for Ukraine

9 May 2022

FAQ – Can Russia Win This War?

9 May 2022

The Tale of Two Elections

25 April 2022

New April Offensive in Donbas

19 April 2022

EU Visits Ukraine

11 April 2022

Hungarian and Serbian Election Week

28 March 2022

Hot Stalemate in Ukraine

21 March 2022

When Bombs and Missiles Start to Fly Across NATO Borders

14 March 2022

First Attempt at Invasion Failed Expect Another

7 March 2022

Central European Response to Russian Invasion

28 February 2022

Show Referendum Under Way in Belarus

21 February 2022

In the Window of Invasion

14 February 2022

Change of the Guard Over Ukraine

7 February 2022

Project: Foresight on Russian Invasion of Ukraine

4 February 2022

Baltics Firm Against the Revisionists

31 January 2022

Pegasus Scandal Could Break PiS’s Majority

24 January 2022

New Cyber Security Breaches

17 January 2022

Cold Winter Bad for Peace Talks

10 January 2022

Russian Demands Lead To Renewed NATO Discussion

3 January 2022

Yalta 2.0 Will Not Happen

20 December 2021

All Eyes on Ukraine at the EaP Summit

13 December 2021

On the Road to the Summit

6 December 2021

Three Cheers for Democracy

1 December 2021

NATO Solidarity In the EU

29 November 2021

Moscow’s Manoeuvres

22 November 2021

Bulgaria Opts for Change

15 November 2021

Clash of Cultures

8 November 2021

Once More Unto the Polls, Dear Friends

2 November 2021

Gas Shortage Toolbox

25 October 2021

The Centre-Right Antidote For EU Populism

18 October 2021

Zeman’s Coalition Gambit Denied

11 October 2021

No Room For Criticism For Babiš

4 October 2021

Elections and Impossible Coalitions

27 September 2021

The Fight for Democracy Expands

20 September 2021

More Than Military Bravado

6 September 2021

The Atomic Trade Option

30 August 2021

Mixed Response on Afghanistan

23 August 2021

The Fight for Information in Europe

16 August 2021

Poland’s Government Blinks First

9 August 2021

Shifting Currents, Prevailing Winds

2 August 2021

Rule of Law Stars and Troublemakers

26 July 2021

Populists’ New Judicial Toolkit

19 July 2021

Moldova Votes for a Pro-EU Parliament

12 July 2021

The Age of Illiberal Presidencies

5 July 2021

Slovenia Set To Take the Reins of the EU Presidency

28 June 2021

Orbán’s Lasting Limelight

21 June 2021

NATO’s Ongoing Eastern Flank Problem

14 June 2021

CE’s Push to Revive Democracy

7 June 2021

Biden’s European Tour Exudes Optimism

1 June 2021

Air Piracy by KGB Must Be a Game-changer

24 May 2021

Searching for a Common European Response

17 May 2021

NATO’s Eastern Flank Summit in Bucharest

10 May 2021

Never Let Crises Go to Waste

4 May 2021

Illiberal Narratives Less Convincing

26 April 2021

CEE to Add Diplomatic Pressure on Kremlin

19 April 2021

Global Unrest Over Ukrainian Conflict

12 April 2021

Bulgarians Reject the Political Establishment

6 April 2021

Eduard Heger, Slovakia’s New Prime Minister

29 March 2021

Orbán Wants to Remould the EU’s Far-Right

22 March 2021

Daniel Obajtek’s Transparency Problem

15 March 2021

The Gender Pay Gap

8 March 2021

Tribal Politics in a Pandemic

4 March 2021

Vaccine Passports to Save the Day

1 March 2021

Searching for Immunity

22 February 2021

Backed into a Corner

15 February 2021

China’s Strategic Moves in Central Europe

8 February 2021

Constraints on Liberty

4 February 2021

Racing for the Jab

1 February 2021

Pressure from Moscow Grows

25 January 2021

New Transatlantic Ties

17 January 2021

COVID-19 Ravages Central Europe

11 January 2021

Vacuum for Chaos

7 January 2021

Testing Social Bonds and Trust to the Breaking Point

5 January 2021

Orban Uses Anti-LGBTQI Campaign As a Smokescreen

21 December 2020

This Week in Central Europe: 14-20 December

14 December 2020

This Week in Central Europe: 7-13 December

7 December 2020

The Brexit-Budget Precipice

3 December 2020

This Week in Central Europe: 30 November – 6 December

30 November 2020

This Week in Central Europe: 23-29 November

23 November 2020

This Week in Central Europe: 16-22 November

16 November 2020

The Polish-German Relationship

14 December 2018

Social media engagement

10 December 2018

Events in Europe and in the US

5 December 2018

Workshops – CE2025

7 November 2018

Decision makers

13 October 2018

Politico about Central European Futures

13 October 2018

Budapest Debate

13 October 2018