Project: V4 Defense Policy Challenge

28 February 2022

Security has always been an important topic for the Central European countries next to great powers.

To create defense cooperation was also on the agenda since the Visegrad Group was formed. However when the V4 states joined NATO and the European Union as ultimate assurances, intensity of the V4 cooperation in the area of defence decreased. Yet in the last decade the issue became more and more important and the outgoing Czech presidency of the Visegrad Group was focused on cooperation in the area of security and defence and further promoted the V4 position within NATO and the EU. With this project we would like to raise awareness to the importance of the security and defence agenda, its place in regional cooperation and the practical aspects of achieving V4 interests. With our activities we would like to highlight the issue for the future professionals and decision makers in the student generation.

The project will consist of a session of offline and online preparatory trainings and the simulation competition itself. The aim of the preparational meetings is to make the participants familiar with the case they simulate, to brief them on the rules, game procedures and optionally to give them additional preparational trainings, carried out by our professional partners.

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22 November 2021 – 11 February 2022

Phase 1 (offline) Budapest: Two full-days, interactive, preparatory workshops, where participants get acquainted with the rules and topic of the simulation, international institutions and decision-making, as well as solve a number of communication and negotiation tasks, and team assignments take place.

Phase 2 (online): A 4-weeks online preparation period between the first workshop and the simulation days, during which the participants prepare position papers, negotiation positions, press releases and hold a mock press conference.

Phase 3 (offline) Budapest: A three-hour consultation evening, where, in an informal setting, the organizers can be asked about the exact course and details of the competition shortly before the simulation days. The questions arising and getting clarified in advance greatly increase the quality of the gameplay in our experience.

Phase 4 (offline) Budapest: The simulation weekend

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