Project: Three Seas Initiative Digital Civil Society Forum

Mapping out digital agenda in CEE

20 January 2022

A new foresight project by Visegrad Insight powered by Meta to bring about a Three Seas Initiative civil society forum with the digital agenda as its focus.

On 25 January 2022, Visegrad Insight organises the “Three Seas Initiative Digital Civil Society Forum” conference — a foresight event with interactive workshops and inspirational sessions featuring many prominent speakers such as:

  • Mark Boris Andrijanič, Minister for Digital Transformation of Slovenia,
  • Ian Brzezinski, Atlantic Council, f. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Europe and NATO Policy,
  • Edgars Bondars, Ambassador-at-Large for Preparation of Three Seas Initiative Summit,
  • Markus Reinisch, Vice President of Public Policy, EMEA at Meta,
  • Jeremy Rollison, Senior Director, EU Government Affairsat Microsoft,
  • Oana Popescu-Zamfir, head of Romania’s GlobalFocus Center,
  • Krzysztof Izdebski, of Open Spending EU Coalition, and many others.

Access the full list of speakers and programme here.

This event is part of a foresight project powered by Meta that builds up the potential of civil society in CEE to influence the digital policies and economic agenda. The ambition to establish a civil society forum of the Three Seas Initiative (3SI) has been outlined in our impactful 2021 report Towards the 3SI Civil Society Forum.” 

The conference is designed as part of a broader effort to research and brainstorm practical and actionable policy recommendations that will help shape the 3SI Digital Civil Society network from Central-Eastern European countries, including Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria.

The event will put in order and recalibrate the knowledge and future actions within the digital area by 3SI countries. It will provide authentic insights from the civil society influencers on contemporary political, economic and social challenges aiming for the decision-makers informed policy choices and for mapping areas for enhanced collaboration and development within the CEE.

This invite-only event’s programme will ensure maximum space for participants’ input during the plenaries as well as the breakout and design sessions

The essential part of the conference consists of topical interactive sessions — allowing interactions and in-depth opinion exchanges. Those breakout sessions will be moderated by Visegrad Insight experts and will generate input focused on key topics including: disinformation, data transfers, innovations and competitiveness, platforms responsibility, or safe use of AI.

The entry point for each of the breakout sessions are to be read here.

The final report with actionable recommendations based on the foresight findings will be communicated during the 3SI Latvian Presidency in 2022.

Photo by Headway on Unsplash


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