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5 December 2018

50 events in three months

In 2018 the report has been presented in the capitals of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia as well as in Brussels, Berlin and Washington D.C.

By the end of the year our team has organised altogether more than 50 debates, presentations and seminars on that topic. See below for a photo-story from a few Public events. Also, read our post on meeting decision makers.

Wrocław with EU Commissioner Ewa Bieńkowska and Mayor Jacek Sutryk

29 January 2019 Berlin: Where is Central Europe Heading? Five Scenarios for 2025

Dr. Volker Weichsel, German Society for Eastern European Studies / Magazine Eastern Europe, Wojciech Przybylski, Visegrad Insight, Dr. Jörg Forbrig, German Marshall Fund of the United States, Dr. Franziska Brantner MdB, Alliance 90/The Greens, Edit Zgut, Polish Academy of Sciences

At the Erste Foundation, co-hosted by the Institute of Human Sciences, Vienna 4 December 2018

At the German Marshall Fund in Washington DC, 28 November 2018

In Brussels at the GMF, 20 November 2018

At the American Jewish Committee in Warsaw, 19 November

With AMO, in Prague 14 November 2018

At the Lazarski University, British-Polish Roundtable, Warsaw 9 November 2018
On October 12, Political Capital think tank organised a public presentation and a debate on the five scenarios. Click here for more details: the Budapest debate.

Joerg Forbrig, Veszna Wessenauer
The publication was officially launched on 2 October 2018 by the German Marshall Fund of the U.S. and the Visegrad/Insight – a debate and analytical platform on Central Europe of the Res Publica Foundation in Warsaw. Michał Baranowski, GMF Warsaw office, introduced the report and two editors of the report.

Joerg Forbrig, Wojciech Przybylski at the Warsaw

Michał Baranowski, director GMF at the launch events in the Polish Press Agency

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