EVENT Warsaw: What are the Polish priorities for the next EU Agenda?

Visegrad Insight public event in Warsaw on 8 December 2023

4 December 2023

Edit Inotai (Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy)Beata Jaczewska (former Deputy Minister of the Environment), Liam Nolan (RTE), Wojciech Przybylski (Visegrad Insight)

A special foresight discussion in Warsaw on 8 December at 3:30 PM: What are the Polish priorities for the next EU Agenda?

At the event, we presented a new foresight report: How European Democracies Are to Survive a New Trump Age. Based on CE stakeholders’ voices, the report maps out four scenarios on the future EU policy agenda in the context of democratic security, war in Ukraine and transatlantic relations. The fallout of each scenario on the EU’s democratic security agenda is significant.


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Photos by Magda Pawluczuk

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