Event: How to Protect Ukrainian Women in the EU?

Visegrad Insight Event

2 June 2022

Join our event on 7 June 2022 at 16:00 CET on how to address the challenges Ukraine women face when fleeing from the war

Join our conversation with Daryna Onyshko (National Democratic Institute (NDI) Poland), Małgorzata Kopka-Piątek (head of the European Programme at the Institute for Public Affairs in Poland, and of the FemGlobal association) and Ewa Moncure (former spokesperson of FRONTEX), moderated by Magda Jakubowska (vice-president, Visegrad Insight) on the Ukraine women, their situation and largest issues they face fleeing from the war, including the questions of human-trafficking, gender-based violence, and humanitarian aid. 

See video from the debate or read the key comments from our speakers below:

The key findings from our speakers:

The discussion focused on the Ukrainian women, their situation and the largest issues they face fleeing from the war, including the questions of human-trafficking, gender-based violence, and humanitarian aid. 

During the meeting, many vital points were brought up. What is essential to remember is that women are not only huge victims of war, but also of everything that is attached to it – rapes, uncertainity about children’s future. However, the spectrum of their problems is greatly vast.

Ukrainian women need to be vocal – and heard. It is essential to understand what they need, and we can do so only by actually letting them speak. 

The support should be provided by the governments with the help from the EU and international institutions and not only from the civil society. It should be widely recognized that being a refugee is a status that gives you the right to be protected and the hosting country is obliged to do it. 

Moreover, the countries that are ‘further’ from Ukraine need more Ukrainian voices. This would help with fighting the disinformation, as well as it would make the war a more important topic, not only in the region, but globally. 

When it comes to figures, more than 9% of the Ukrainian women fight in the army. And of those who fled, around 70% is from bigger cities, with 60% having higher education. Therefore, it is vital for the EU countries to show solidarity and willingness to help them organize their lives in a new environment. 

The most urgent actions that should be taken by the EU countries are:

  1. good children assistance
  2. acknowledgment Ukrainian diplomas and certifitates (especially for the doctor, nurses, and lawyers) 
  3. providing good healthcare

It should be highlighted that FRONTEX has specialists on human trafficking. People working in the EU institutions need to be taught and encouraged, as well as they need to understand how they can address the needs as the international and political situation has changed and is constantly changing. It is important to provide workers in international institutions with language courses.

We need to make everyday things more accessible for Ukrainian women. And the biggest priority, alongside with the end of the war, should be the reintegration of Ukrainian women and reassurance that Ukrainian refugees are safe and welcome. The existence of a places – like Ukrainian House in Warsaw – where they can meet up and share experiences is extremely important.  And consequently, we need to include the gender perspective in rebuilding the post-war reality, as well as already existing programs and institutions.

We will examine the needs, the scale of the problem, and focus on how to pursue synergies between different bodies, institutions and civil society organisations at local, member state and European level to address the situation of Ukrainian women best.

The meeting will take place on 7 June 2022 at 16:00 – 16:45 CET, online (via Zoom).

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