Event: Bucharest 3SI Digital Future foresight roundtable

Closed door consultation session with Bucharest digital policy influencers

16 November 2022

The 3SI Digital Future foresight roundtable organised in Bucharest, Romania, on 15 November 2022 has been an opportunity to bring together decision-makers and policy influencers to discuss  practical and actionable policy recommendations gathered in our upcoming report and in the light of Romanian Presidency in the Three Seas Initiative.

The upcoming report maps out the outcomes of this exchange on contemporary political, economic and social challenges aimed at the decision-makers informed policy choices and areas for enhanced collaboration and development within the CEE.


The introduction and report findings have been presented by Krzysztof Izdebski of the Open Spending EU Coalition and Stefan Batory Foundation and the author of the report. He pointed out the opportunities that the region has, but also the challenges, e.g. in cooperating with the EU while maintaining close relations with the United States. As there is certainly a need for even greater coordination of activities in the countries of the region, but at the same time, in view of the backsliding of democracy in some of its countries, one should be cautious about what model of digitisation regulation will be adopted in practice. In this context, the he described what citizens can fear and what is a risk for business.  And what the countries of the region and the Initiative itself should do to seize the opportunity associated with digitalisation.

Participants of the discussion were later asked to comment on these findings and discussed the main challenges and proposed solutions. Their feedback will be decisive for the final report.


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