Strategic foresight projects since 2017

4 September 2023


Since 2017, our team has successfully developed strategic foresight projects that involve the networked potential of Central and Eastern Europe and engage the public and policy stakeholders across the Atlantic.

Strategic Foresight Experience

2022 Global Challenges to SMEs in CEE with CIPE
2022 On Climate & Democratic Security in CEE with the European Climate Foundation
2022 War and the Future of Europe with the EU Commission
2022 The Three Seas Initiative and Complex Digital Challenges with META
2021 Towards the Three Seas Initiative 2025 with the National Endowment for Democracy, LATO and the President of Latvia
2021 CEE-UK Future Cooperation with the UK’s Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office
2020 Western Balkans Futures 2030 with the International Visegrad Fund and the National Endowment for Democracy
2019 Eastern European Futures with the German Marshall Fund and the International Visegrad Fund
2019 Eastern Partnership 2030 Trends with the MFA of Poland
2019 CEE perspective on EU Budget 2021-2027 with CEPS think tank and the International Visegrad Fund
2018 Central Europe 2025 with the German Marshall Fund

Talks with Decision Makers

Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President of the European Commission

Events in Europe and the US

At the German Marshall Fund in Washington DC, 28 November 2018
Meeting with Karen Donfried, President of the German Marshall Fund in Washington D.C. (2018)

Politico About Our Foresight

”The most alarming [scenario] involves a “triumph of illiberalism” spreading from Hungary and Poland across the Continent and leading to a gradual unravelling of the EU or a collapse of NATO, with the U.S. withdrawing from European security after disputes over trade and defence spending, prompting EU countries to pursue divergent national survival strategies with outside powers….” read more

Special Reports

Foresight on Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Information Sovereignty Scenarios for Central Europe
The Future of Work
Civil Society Futures
Human Security in Central Europe


Strategic foresight. Map out European futures

Workshop Methods

Foto: Ondřej Besperát, Forum2000, Prague

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