Ongoing strategic foresight work

23 August 2023


On an annual basis, Visegrad Insight – Res Publica Foundation conducts a limited number of full-scale strategic foresight projects that involve research, scenario building, horizon scanning and public outreach with recommendations. Read more about our recent work:

Current Strategic Foresight Projects


As of 2023, the Visegrad Insight foresight team focuses on three key areas

EU Policies’ Impact on Democratic Security

This project focuses on developing a public foresight-driven debate in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) to shape the future direction of EU policy development while protecting European values and freedoms. Co-funded by the EU Commission.


The Future of EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood

Visegrad Insight, Res Publica Foundation partnered with ZEIT-Stiftung in a major initiative, Trajectories of Change – Strategic Foresight for EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood.

Scenarios for the European Elections 2024

The project seeks to energise a forward-looking debate among civil society actors in CEE on the block’s key challenges and to identify and address the main threat perceptions.

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