Event: Elves and Trolls Campus Polska 2022

Meeting with Garvan Walshe and game of Elves and Trolls at Campus Polska

6 September 2022

ResPublica and Visegrad Insight were partners of Campus Polska Przyszłości 2022, an event dedicated to young and motivated people who want to participate actively in shaping the world of the future.

This year’s edition took place in Olsztyn and gathered more than 1200 Polish and international participants. Six days of intensive debates on culture, Poland, Europe, local and global politics, ecology and economy allowed the participants to exchange thoughts and build connections for the future. 

Visegrad Insight organised two panels connected to democratic security and populism. The first was the meeting with Garvan Walshe, a former foreign policy adviser to the U.K. Conservative party and chair of the Hungary-focused election watchdog Unhack Democracy. It was chaired by our junior fellow, Agnieszka Homańska, who participated in the event herself. Garvan gave insights on how to lose a political campaign, such as in the Brexit referendum and elections in Budapest.

He described how populism works alongside presenting the most common yet critical mistakes one can make during a campaign. The second panel was a workshop conducted by Maria Ciupka and Agnieszka Homańska, junior fellows.

It was a game of disinformation where the participants could play the role of elves and trolls. They had to fight fake news, distinguishing disinformation from misinformation. What was observed is that it is easier to spread and support fake news than to fight it. 






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