President Macron on CEE Charm Offensive

The French leader made the strongest commitment yet to Ukraine's and Moldova's EU membership

2 June 2023

Adam Jasser

Deputy Managing Editor

The second summit of the European Political Community, the brainchild of French President Emmanuel Macron, could hardly have taken a more symbolic dimension than being held in Moldova, a poor, tiny state squeezed between Ukraine and Romania and struggling to shake off Russian attempts at subjugation.

Moldova’s staunchly pro-western President Maia Sandu warmly welcomed Macron to the Mimi Castle near the capital Chisinau, where leaders from across Europe gathered on Thursday for a show of unity in the face of Russia’s belligerence.

Emerging from Russia’s shadow at last

Hosting the summit is probably the biggest diplomatic feat Moldova has accomplished since becoming independent during the breakup of the Soviet Union. Until Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Moldova was an orphan of the Cold War, largely ignored by the West and blackmailed by Moscow into effective isolation and economic despondency.

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Adam Jasser

Deputy Managing Editor

Since 2021, Adam has co-hosted a foreign policy podcast “About the World at Onet” for Poland’s leading web portal He has worked as a business and policy consultant, including with the World Bank on competition, privatisation and regulatory reforms in transition economies. In 2014-16, Adam was head of the Polish competition authority. He served as Secretary of State in the Chancellery of Prime Minister Donald Tusk in 2010-14. He was Secretary of the PM’s Economic Council and oversaw the analytical and policy impact assessment department. Before joining the government, Adam was Programme Director at Warsaw-based think-tank demosEuropa – Centre for European Strategy. Earlier, he spent almost 20 years at Reuters news agency, in roles stretching from translator and head of economic reporting in Warsaw, to bureau chief in Frankfurt and regional editor for central Europe, Balkans and Turkey.


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