Israel’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Transforms Ideas into Businesses

Visegrad Insight Breakfast

4 March 2021

Video chat meeting on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Israel with Ambassador Edit Szilágyiné Bátorfi, Beata Jaczewska and Ambassador Carmela Shamir.

During a recent Visegrad Insight Breakfast meeting on 4 March 2021, we discussed relations between Central Europe and Israel.

The online breakfast session touched upon:

  • Israel and V4 relations
  • International Visegrad Fund projects with Israel
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Israel and the V4

Guest speakers:

Ambassador Edit Szilágyiné Bátorfi, Executive Director of the International Visegrad Fund (IVF).

Beata Jaczewska, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland (MFA).

Ambassador Carmela Shamir, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



This breakfast is organised in cooperation with the Embassy of Israel in Poland.

Israel embassy in Poland


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