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Growing a Business with Social Media

2 December 2020

Galan Dall

Managing Editor of Visegrad Insight

Utilising several free tools from Internet giants can be the recipe for success in Central Europe.

The questions I aim to answer is how can different companies and educational organisations like universities, forums or NGOs actually benefit from solutions that Facebook is offering, and what is specifically beneficial for those segments of society which are struggling with financing those solutions?

In the digital economy, there are two tools you can use to boost your business or organisation. The first is the right mindset, one focused on adaptability and modernisation although it certainly helps to be focused on retail and e-commerce clients.

The second component is harnessing the instruments geared towards a greater understanding of the digital world and on boosting their business on our platforms.

Moreover, you do not need a large initial investment when it comes to funding or IT because the platform itself provides anyone with access to sophisticated data which used to be costly to acquire. Now, all this is available for free as long as you are present on the social media platforms.

Essentially, Facebook has maintained some of the qualities from its nascent period, that is being a very agile start-up organisation, which is focused on helping SMEs and start-ups succeed. Because of our experience, we are able to offer to the world solutions to many of the pitfalls they may encounter when digitising.

However, the one common trait, irrespective of the type of company, that successful endeavours on Facebook share is agility.

Combining Facebook with Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp allows you to coordinate your branding activities and broaden your reach to target audiences. In comparison to traditional advertising methods like TV and print journalism, digital platforms are far cheaper and easy to use.

Lastly, focusing on ready-made “groups” which relate thematically to your product or service is an easy way to expand those already interested in your business and spreading the word more organically.

Through these methods, companies of any shape or size can expand their client base and move into markets once reserved for titans of industry, but now available at the click of a button.



This is a summary of a meeting with Ewa Turmanow (Client Partner, Facebook) at the New Europe 100 Forum on 27-28 October 2020, edited by Galan Dall, Editor-at-Large of Visegrad Insight. Find out more about the upcoming New Europe 100 Forum, future activities and our partners here. For updates, follow @NewEurope100.

The article is part of a project supported by the International Visegrad Fund.





Galan Dall

Managing Editor of Visegrad Insight

Galan Dall is the Managing Editor of Visegrad Insight. He has extensive editorial experience working in publishing with, for example, CultureScapes and Cities Magazine as well as writing for the LSE IDEAS Think Tank Ratiu Forum and editor for various GLOBSEC publications. He studied in the US at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and his focuses are on the intersection of US/UK and Central European politics, including issues relating to LGBTQ+, women and minorities' rights.

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