Subscribers event: What’s Next for Czech-Russian Relations?

A Conversation with Jiří Schneider, Bohumil Kartous and Albin Sybera Exclusive for Subscribers

4 May 2021

A subscribers-only discussion on the relations between Czechia and Russia in the light of the Vrbětice scandal.

During our event hosted on the 13th of May, our speakers discussed the implications of the Czech authorities’ announcement that GRU officers were behind the Vrbětice explosions. We touched upon the timing and coordination of the revelation, Russian disinformation tactics in Czechia, what it means for the upcoming Czech parliamentary elections in autumn and how will the scandal affect the bilateral economic relations, especially the nuclear bid for the Dukanovy plant.

Our speakers:

  • Jiří Schneider – Visegrad Insight Senior Associate, former Deputy Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic, former diplomat, think-tanker, currently an independent consultant in international and security affairs;
  • Bohumil Kartous – the spokesperson for the Czech Elves, director of Prague Institute of Innovation;
  • Albin Sybera – Visegrad Insight #DemocraCE fellow, journalist, consultant and a former clerk at the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic.



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