Truth, fake, journalism and cybersecurity – events in Warsaw

Info war became ever-day reality, journalist – soldiers, and words – weapons. Cyber security and media literacy were the main topics of events organised on July in Warsaw

Res Publica Foundation
20 września 2017

On 12th of July, 2017 in Warsaw during Warsaw Euro-Atlantic Summer Academy (WEASA), Bridge Budapest and Res Publica Foundation delivered a set of lectures about innovations in CEE, e-revolution in the regional media, ecosystem for startups and building the innovators community.

New Europe 100 was represented by challengers from Bulgaria, Poland, Bosnia and Hercegovina. Marton Baranyi from the Brain Bar Budapest engaged public with a presentation on this year topics and workshops on the future agenda of Brain Bar conference to be held in 2017. Brain Bar presentation was part of the project supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

WEASA is hosted by the College of Europe Natolin campus, and co-organized with the German Marshall Fund of the United States and the Polish-American Freedom Foundation. The Academy aims at promoting the political, social and economic foundations of modern democracies in the European Union and the transatlantic community, as well as the values of democracy, freedom, pluralism and peace. Academy participants include up-and-coming policy analysts, experts, advisers, civil servants, NGO representatives, and journalists from Eastern Partnership countries. They are chosen based on a strict selection of applications received; this year, 43 persons attended, selected from among 200 applicants.

Following the WEASA event, a debate on “Truth, fake and journalism” brought crowds to the office of Res Publica Foundation. The discussion was moderated by Danuta Dobrzyńska-Schimmer. Among the panelists there were famous journalists and bloggers dealing with disinformation: Michal Kacewicz (Newsweek Polska), Eliza Olczyk (WPROST), Eliza Michalik (Telewizja Superstacja), Magdalena Rigamonti (Dziennik Gazeta Prawna), Marcin Firlej (Tv producer), Łukasz Maziewski (Fakt), Marcin Rey (‘Rosyjska V kolumna w Polsce’), Marcin Antosiewicz (WP.PL), Wojciech Jakóbik (BiznesAlert).

Both events were  related to the New Europe 100 –  a network of outstanding challengers from Central and Eastern Europe. Brain Bar Budapest was a partner of the debate.