New job openings from January 2024

Join our Team as Digital Media and Communications Manager and Executive Assistant

5 January 2024

We are announcing new job openings at Visegrad Insight, Res Publica Foundation, to enable our pan-European programmes.

We are hiring an Executive Assistant and a Digital Media and Communications Manager

Visegrad Insight is the leading Central European platform of debate and analysis that generates future policy directions for Europe and transatlantic partners. It was established in 2012 by the Res Publica Foundation — an independent think tank in Warsaw Res Publica Foundation. Funded independently through a subscription service, several multi-year grants from donors, multiple ad-hoc grants, donations, and corporate sponsorship, we are expanding our operations in Europe.

***JOB 1***

Executive Assistant

Who are we looking for? A responsible, proactive and well-organised person who wants to develop their skill set as an aide to all the tasks and projects the management board are involved in. Someone with experience in project management, administration, and research work who wants to pursue a career within a Polish NGO with unique international experience and a focus on democratic security.

A team player and connector between all those in the Team and various stakeholders (including Polish and international politicians, business and academia representatives) who want to see the organisation’s success as her or his contribution to a better, more democratic and secure Poland and Central Europe. Friendly with a digital toolbox (Google Workspace environment, Slack awareness, social media channels), with decent English skills, as most of your job will be in English. We look not only for a brilliant mind but for someone who will thrive in our environment: a person who loves working collaboratively and demonstrates an innovative, efficient, agile, entrepreneurial and responsible mindset.

What is the job like? It is a regular daily effort that will engage you in various tasks – from planning all engagements (meetings and journeys, deadlines, etc.), making notes at meetings, preparing background materials,  responding to enquiries, organisation of trips and accommodation, contacting partners and participants of projects, preparing schedules and guidelines and talking points for meetings. You will need to liaise, coordinate tasks, enquiries, and workflow, and keep an eye on the administrative side of the management’s work. In time, we will have you engaged in project planning or writing grant applications.

Why work with us?

Because we are good at this! Come, learn and grow with one of the best internationally-focused Polish NGOs on the market. And we offer 6,000 PLN per month for a start.

***JOB 2***

Digital Media and Communications Manager

Who are we looking for? You are a bi-lingual (Polish and English) professional who can synchronise the work of the whole Res Publica Foundation and all projects with communications by managing Polish and international stakeholders and taking care of the best visibility of our work. Looking to consolidate a team for research and media purposes. A person who will coordinate the network of contacts for media, fellows, and contributors with the plans and execution across the EU and the CEE region. Capable in digital communication strategies, SEO and social media. Pro-active – introducing new ideas and tools and ready to work with data to check effectiveness and results. Attentive to Poland’s intellectual scene and Central European media market. Observing trends and nuances.

What is the job like? This is a post where you will build up external outreach, support publications and events, and reach out to existing and new audiences, coaching others in the team on developing meaningful products. In this job, you will need to regularly work with different stakeholders – partners, authors, fellows, journalists and experts – as well as media (traditional and social) and events to help shape relevant outreach of our work. You will team up with two editorial teams – Res Publica Nowa in Polish and Visegrad Insight in English.

Our work requires better positioning and making our ideas fly. By preparing long-term general and individual communication strategies for the organisation, all projects and products, and building a portfolio with other media in CEE and beyond, this job will immediately contribute to growth and efficiency. This job will contribute to enhancing public debate on topics we propagate.

Why work with us? We are a unique media and thin-tank platform enjoying an excellent reputation internationally for our state-of-the-art analysis and reporting on CEE democratic security affairs. We offer a friendly, non-corporate work environment and stable employment with prospects of growth and raise starting at 8,000 PLN per month.


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