The EU has begun to address the very serious problem of online disinformation campaigns. However, the extent of the problem is vast and will require a concerted effort to maintain free elections on the continent.


  • The limitations on fact-checking can be erased with emerging technologies.
  • The fate of European democracy could be in the hands of bots and trolls.
  • Tools for fighting disinformation online already exist and need to be used more readily.


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Visegrad Insight 2 (14) 2019
European Parliamentary #Futures

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Published by Res Publica Foundation
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Wojciech Przybylski, Editor-in-Chief
Marcin Zaborowski, Senior Associate

Magda Jakubowska, Director of Operations
Galan Dall, Managing Editor
Anhelina Pryimak, Editorial Assistant
Anna Kulikowska-Kasper, Contributor
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