By nature, we seek facts and trustworthy information. However, in the competition for power, lies are often used to discredit the opponents and improve one’s competitive advantage. The digital age has brought this clash to a new level. In this post-truth setting, facts have become enemies, and democracy may fall victim.

It would be of little surprise to anyone that disinformation campaigns are both aggressively active in Europe and effective in their pursuits. However, the sheer number of false accounts and bots disseminating “fake news” is staggering and, according to recent data, on the rise.

Nevertheless, there are new tools for fighting disinformation which will be made available not only for the political sphere but also for the general public and business sector.


  • The criminal use of bots has an economic toll second only to the international drug trade.
  • Almost ¾ of Europeans fear they could be affected by disinformation.
  • Innovative online tools, already being trialled, will be able to analyse and block in real-time disinformation campaigns and posts.

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Visegrad Insight 2 (14) 2019
European Parliamentary #Futures

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