Adriana Cupcea

Adriana Cupcea is a researcher in the Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She is a PhD in history since 2009 of ‘Babes- Bolyai’ University of Cluj Napoca (Romania). Her research interests focus on Muslim communities in the Balkans, and particularly in Romania and are approaching the construction of modern identities, the image of the Other and the relationship between self-image and Otherness. Since 2020 she is a contributor on Romania to the Yearbook of Muslims in Europe. She is co-author, of the book ‘The Image of the Ottoman in the Romanian History Textbooks from Romania and Bosnia Herzegovina in the post-communist period’, published in 2015, at Isis Press, Istanbul. She is conducting research within the framework of Kosovo Research and Analysis Fellowship, supported by the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society.