Scenario 3: EU’s Macro-regional strategy

5 July 2021


The electoral cycle, along with growing support for the EU, brings new perspectives on the Central European cooperation potential within Europe.

Prospects of joint economic diplomacy on behalf of the region helps energise the initiative with a renewed agenda. 

Policy debate on the 3SI across the region develops strategic culture on the basis of an integrated forum of policy influencers from all 3SI countries. Democratic security awareness and a focus on pragmatic sectoral cooperation reduce risks related to ideological narratives about the autonomy of the region and Eurosceptic tendencies. 

To avoid duplication with other existing regional formats, the 3SI is reconsidered in the framework of EU programming. With backing from the European Council, it becomes the fifth macro-regional strategy of the EU (next to the Baltic, Adriatic, Danube and Alpine macro-regions). 

Unlike other macro-regional strategies, the advantage of 3SI proves to be more effective because of the political leadership format on top of the sectoral agenda, and it becomes a template for the other existing macro-regions.

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