From Warsaw to Paris: Our Report on the Road

High level meetings focused on the foresight report with voices from CEE

26 May 2023

Meetings across Europe with public officials, politicians and experts including Aleš Chmelař, Katalin Cseh, Karoline Edtstadler, František Růžička, Daniel Hegedüs, Frédéric Petit, Ivan Krastev, Alena Kudzko, Miroslav Lajčák, Kacper Płażyński, Olga Richterová, Michał Szczerba and more.

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20 May 2023 – Płock, Poland

A civic education workshop designing recommendations for the Polish EU Presidency 2025 based on the War and the Future of Europe at the Campus Polska – Academy.

24 April 2023 – Berlin, Germany

An on-site workshop on trends and triggers in Central Europe for EU and NATO diplomats. Based on the War and the Future of Europe report. Part of strategic communication seminar by BAKS – the Bundesakademie für Sicherheitspolitik (German Federal Academy of Security Policy).

16 February 2023 – Online

Foresight Breakfast with BAKS. The online event was hosted by Visegrad Insight in cooperation with the Bundesakademie für Sicherheitspolitik (German Federal Academy of Security Policy)

13 December 2022 – Warsaw, Poland

NATO 2030: What Security for Central Europe Conference. Read more here.

5 December 2022 – Berlin, Germany

The German Marshall Fund hosted a strategic foresight and panel debate on The War and the Future of Europe. Gathered in Berlin, Wojciech Przybylski shared comments on potential developments in the Central and Eastern European region. Together with Goran Buldioski, Michael Meyer-Resende, Zsuzsanna Végh, and Philipp Fritz, he discussed the future perspectives of democracy, security, and prosperity in the Central and Eastern European space and the region’s potential future role in the European integration and the Western security alliance.

Listen to the conversation released on our podcast episode.

30 November 2022 – Brussels, Belgium

Katalin Cseh (MEP for Hungary), Éric Maurice (Manager of the Brussels Office of the Fondation Robert Schuman), and Wojciech Przybylski gathered on 30 November 2022 in Brussels at a roundtable discussion on how does this war end for Europe. They addressed the question with the results from the scenarios from the foresight report on the War and the Future of Europe.

Listen to the recap of the conversation released by the Visegrad Insight Podcast.


22 November 2022 – Krakow, Poland

The report on the War and the Future of Europe was presented in Cracow during a debate on the future in the age of uncertainty at the National Diplomacy Week 2022, organised by The Polish Forum of Young Diplomats and Jagiellonian University.

15 November 2022 – Bucharest, Romania

On 15 November, Alina Inayeh, an advisor to GMF President Heather Conley and previously the director of the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation, co-hosted a Visegrad Insight roundtable with diplomats, senior policy advisors and civil servants to discuss the implications of four scenarios for the Central European agenda on strategic autonomy and enlargement of the EU. 

7-8 November 2022 –  Lviv, Ukraine

On 7-8 November 2022, Editor-in-Chief Wojciech Przybylski, Marcin Krol Fellow Oksana Forostyna, Future of Ukraine Fellow Oleksandr Kraiev, and Executive Assistant Agnieszka Homańska participated in The Ukrainian Central European Forum 2022 in Lviv. The event gathered government officials, politicians, experts, and journalists from Central European countries, and the keynote speech was delivered by the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba.

Wojciech Przybylski presented the Report on War and the future of Europe and outlined the threats, challenges, and possibilities for the region. He gave recommendations on building the strategic autonomy of Europe which would make it not dependent on Russia and China. Moreover, he underlined that the place of Ukraine is in the Central Europe.

22 October 2022 – Riga, Latvia

An expert roundtable at the Riga Conference in Latvia in partnership with LATO think tank.

13 October 2022 – Prague, Czech Republic

At Rethinking the Enlargement in times of Geopolitical Earthquakes with Jaroslav Kurfürst, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for European Issues, Jovana Marović, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of European Affairs, MontenegroCristina Gherasimov, Head of the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Moldova, Peter Grk, National Coordinator for Western Balkans, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Slovenia, and Barbara Lippert, Director of Research, German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP)

5 October 2022 — Warsaw, Poland

With Alena Kudzko, Olga Richterová, Daniel Hegedüs and Clemens Mayr-Harting

5 October 2022 — Warsaw, Poland

At the Warsaw Security Forum with the Federal Minister for the EU and Constitution at the Federal Chancellery of Austria, Karoline Edtstadler

27 September 2022 — Paris, France

Meetings with Zsuzsanna Szelenyi and French MP Frédéric Petit

27 September 2022 — Paris, France

Meetings with Ambassador František Růžička and Aleš Chmelař Slovak and Czech Representatives to OSCE and previous deputy-Minister for European Affairs

27 September 2022 — Paris, France

Public presentation of the report

25 September 2022 —Warsaw, Poland

Meeting with Hungarian MEP Katalin Cseh

22.09.2022 — Vienna, Austria

Meeting with Ivan Krastev

15 September 2022 — Warsaw, Poland

Meeting with Polish MP Kacper Płażyński

15 September 2022 — Warsaw, Poland

Meeting with Polish MP Michał Szczerba & Michał Marcinkiewicz

15 September 2022 — Warsaw, Poland

Kick-off Event (read full report) with Małgorzata Kopka, Romain Le Quiniou, Philipp Fritz and Oksana Forostyna

31 August 2022 — Alpbach, Austria

Discussion with Miroslav Lajčák, EU Special Representative for the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue and other Western Balkan regional issues and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic at the 2022 European Forum Alpbach

13 June 2022 – Brussels, Belgium

Discussion with Viola von Cramon-Taubadel MEP, Colin Scicluna, heading the cabinet of Dubravka Šuica the Vice-President for Democracy and Demography, Wojtek Talko, member of the Cabinet of Vera Jourová the Vice-President for Values and Transparency, and Wojciech Przybylski, the editor-in-chief of Visegrad Insight

12-13 October 2021 – at Forum2000, Prague, Czech Republic – Scenario building workshop No. 2

Together with 28 participants (List of Participants in Prague), we have moved on to determine new potential scenarios and discuss policy solutions by means of backcasting. Next to the scenarios developed in the earlier session, we have determined nearly 8 potential new ones that would be later reviewed during online interactive workshops with a broad base of civil society influencers, primarily from CEE.

Foto: Ondřej Besperát, Forum2000, Prague
Foto: Ondřej Besperát, Forum2000, Prague
Foto: Ondřej Besperát, Forum2000, Prague
Foto: Ondřej Besperát, Forum2000, Prague
Foto: Ondřej Besperát, Forum2000, Prague
Foto: Ondřej Besperát, Forum2000, Prague

23-24 September 2021 – at Lector in Fabula Festival, Conversano, Italy – Scenario building workshop No. 1

This workshop has gathered almost 30 participants from all over the EU (List of Participants) and has been the first step in the process of developing, narrating, analysing and backcasting alternative futures for the Conference on the Future of Europe.  The participants have discussed the drivers and triggers shaping the future of the region, evaluated them by probability, impact as well as importance from the CEE perspective. In three teams we debated the “most impactful and uncertain” outliers in the drivers and began narrating possible scenarios.

Maja Ava Ziberna (RTV Slovenija, Slovenia), Andrea Pippino (Internazzionale, Italy), Vessela Tcherneva (ECFR, Bulgaria)
Workshops session
Background materials prepared by Maliek Banat
Maira Selicato, Marco Patruno, Marco Fanizzi (students, Italy), Viera Zuborova (Bratislava Policy Institute, Slovakia), Wojciech Przybylski (Visegrad Insight, Poland)
Participants in the library of the Giuseppe di Vagno Foundation
End of workshop No. 1

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