The Broken Justice System in Central Europe

Visegrad Insight Breakfast

1 March 2021

Video chat meeting on the justice system in Central Europe with Dr Camelia Bogdan, judge on the Bucharest Court of Appeals, Radu Albu-Comanescu and Jarosław Gwizdak, Fellows at Visegrad Insight.

During a recent Visegrad Insight Breakfast meeting on 1 March 2021, we discussed the rule of law in Central Europe and recent attacks to undermine the justice system in multiple countries.

The online breakfast session touched upon:

  • Role of whistle-blowers in the justice system
  • What needs to change in the justice systems in Central Europe
  • How to read the fine print in partisan plans of justice reform

Guest Speakers:

Dr Camelia Bogdan is a judge on the Bucharest Court of Appeals and is an expert on asset recovery, countering money laundering, and combating transnational corruption and other financial crimes. An accomplished scholar with a doctorate in criminal law from the University of Bucharest, she has authored two monographs on asset recovery and money laundering, several practical guides to asset recovery for practitioners at the national and EU level, and over 130 judicial studies in law journals.

Jarosław Gwizdak, Visegrad Insight Fellow. Former judge and Court President in Katowice. He currently works as a teacher, columnist and activist. He was the first person awarded the Civic Judge of the Year prize.

Radu Albu-Comănescu, Visegrad Insight Fellow. Lecturer in European Integration at the Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. His research focuses on European construction, state-building, international relations and cultural diplomacy.


This breakfast is organised in partnership with the National Endowment for Democracy.


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