Project: China’s Digital Footprint in Central and Eastern Europe

Analysing the Growing Digital Sectors in the V4 to Non-Western Businesses

10 June 2022

Our latest project aims to analyze the susceptibility of the growing digital sectors in the V4 region to the non-Western-based (primarily Chinese) business cooperation leading to economic and intelligence infiltration as well as potential tools that could serve as effective countermeasures against it.

The goal of the project is to create a first-to-date study that analyses the role of values, axiological and cultural sentiments as well as personal attitudes of the representatives of the current and future ICT business leaders in Central and Eastern Europe.

The project will result in a report analysing the impact of political sentiments, values and international relations in the context of digital transformation, cybersecurity and global competition. By mapping existing and potential weak spots of western-based digital business cooperation Moreover, the publication will include a toolkit of scenarios and narratives allowing new communication strategies facilitating a better understanding of needs, aspirations and values of the innovative business community in the region.

Full report available for download here.

Funded in partnership with the International Republican Institute.


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