Project: Political Culture, Democratic Values and Misinformation – Detecting Democratic Footholds & Weaknesses in CEE

An extensive, ground-breaking study in CEE

27 April 2023

This project aims to identify different types of political culture among V4+ citizens and their adherence to democratic values to identify weaknesses of democratic societies and suggest educational remedies through original research.

The project explores the diverse political cultures of V4+ citizens and their adherence to democratic values as we delve into the beliefs and attitudes of religious democrats, secular democrats, pre-political naïve parochials, post-political alienated cynics, and non-democratic radicals. We will uncover how their cognitive strategies, information sources, and even the misinformation and hoaxes they believe in can impact our society’s democratic weaknesses. With original research, the project will suggest educational remedies through the results of representative national samples.

By promoting democratic values and improving media and information literacy, an increased resilience towards biased reporting, disinformation, and propaganda will be reached. We will translate and adapt advanced psychological instruments in V4 countries to develop expertise in psychological research on political culture and commitment to democratic values, raise awareness among stakeholders, publish relevant findings, and promote critical thinking and media literacy.

This project is part of a consortium of CEE scholars from the following research institutions: the Institute of Experimental Psychology at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Psychology at the Czech Academy of Sciences, Eötvös Loránd University, Jacobs University Bremen, and Visegrad Insight / Res Publica Foundation.



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