Junior Fellows at Visegrad Insight

New generation network of voices on democratic security

5 November 2022


Visegrad Insight invests in the new generation of leading voices on democratic security. By developing strategic foresight and reporting for the regional general audience and engaging with their home communities, junior fellows work with the core team in Warsaw and leave a mark on Central and Eastern Europe’s future. 


The demand for strong voices in and from the CEE region is needed today more than ever before. Visegrad Insight prides itself on mapping out sound solutions for Europe’s contemporary challenges through our extensive media network and strategic foresight.

For those less experienced candidates who want to join our organisation and network, we offer a six-month Junior Fellowship position to kick-start your career.

What does it mean to be a Junior Fellow?

By joining the Visegrad Insight team, you’ll not only join part of a large network of professionals in and from Central Europe, but you’ll also be a proactive element of the team by creating, researching, analysing, and writing on the current trends in CEE.

You’ll be tasked with a variety of different activities, from conducting research for articles and reports, or helping with administrative tasks such as outreach and running social media campaigns, to working collaboratively with other Junior Fellows organising online and in-person events.

You’ll be given the opportunity to work collaboratively on broader research topics, analysis of ongoing trends, and conducting foresight exercises.

We also expect our Junior Fellows will help co-produce special reports or help implement ongoing projects, all the while creating their own research and publishing on topics important to the CEE region.

For those who are self-starters and motivated to work as part of our team, you will gain the relevant experience to go on and continue to do sound work, as many of our Junior Fellows in the past have. Here are some of our success stories from Junior Fellows.

Current Junior Fellows

Mastura Lashkarbekova (Tajikistan/Poland) is a second year MA student at Lazarski University in International Relations who holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Accounting from the KIMEP University in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Her research interest is on China and Russia’s approaches toward Central Asia.

Johanna Patricius (Sweden) is a Junior Research Fellow at Visegrad Insight. She is pursuing her Master´s degree in Economic History at Uppsala University and have a BA in International Relations from Stockholm University. Johanna is half Hungarian and has written about Hungarian politics in several magazines. Current intern at a White Collar Trade Union (Akavia) and a former Political Advisor in a Stockholm Municipality. Alumn at The Foreign Policy Academy at Stockholm Free World Forum.

Sandra Sirvydyte (Lithuania) is a Master‘s student at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science, Vilnius University. She is currently an assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania. Her main areas of interest include foreign affairs and diplomacy.

Michał Szkaradek (Poland) is a PhD student at the Doctoral School of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw in the discipline of legal sciences. Winner of the scholarship of the Minister of Education and Science in 2021. Specialises in international law and human rights. An active observer of the political life of the V4 group.

Former Junior Fellows

Maliek Banat (Ukraine) was a Visegrad Insight Junior Fellow who helped co-produce some of our foresight reports and took an active role in helping to produce our podcast. So much so, that he now works as the Podcast Editor at Visegrad Insight, where he produces the podcast weekly. He is also a student of International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Marysia Ciupka (Poland) was a Junior Research Fellow at Visegrad Insight who helped implement some of our projects and organised events during her tenure. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree at EUROREG, Centre for European Regional and Local Studies at the University of Warsaw. She completed her BA with majors in Philosophy and Russian at Grinnell College, USA. Read Marysia’s articles here.

Kamil Jarończyk (Poland) was a Junior Fellow at Visegrad Insight who co-authored the “Towards 3SI Civil Society Forum Report”. Kamil’s editing skills led to a full-time position as the Managing Editor at Visegrad Insight (2021-2022). He is currently a policy and communications assistant at the International Union of Cinemas in Brussels. Read Kamil’s articles here.

Agnieszka Homańska (Poland) was a Junior Research Fellow at Visegrad Insight who helped with organising events, networking between institutions, did background research for our projects, and helped create a large database to extend our network. She went on to now become a part of the Visegrad Insight staff as an Executive Assistant. She is currently pursuing her MA at the Warsaw University in International Relations, THEMpower co-founder and ‘Młodzi o polityce’ association member.

Valdonė Šniukaitė (Lithuania) was a Visegrad Insight’s Junior Fellow who is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Politics and Sociology at UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies. In her studies, Valdonė focuses on Baltic states’ foreign policy towards Russia and its informal practices in the Baltics. Read Valdonė’s articles here.

Barbara Węgrzyn (Poland) was a Junior Research Fellow at Visegrad Insight who conducted background research for our projects, edited texts, and helped organise events during her tenure. University of Cambridge student. Akademia Wiedzy Obywatelskiej teammember. Formerly Cambridge Journal of Political Affairs Managing Editor for political anthropology.

To apply to be one of our Junior Fellows, please write to