Project: Foresight On European Values and Democratic Security

Focused debate on the future EU policies in the context of protecting values and freedoms

15 February 2023

This project aims to enhance the quality of public and expert-level debate on the future policy directions in the EU in the context of democratic security and common EU values while nurturing collaboration amongst civil society as a means further to embed democracy and its resilience in the region.

What direction will future EU policy development take in the context of protecting European values and freedoms? This project aims to answer this question by developing a Central and Eastern European (CEE) public foresight-driven debate that will focus on democratic security, media freedom, civic liberties, election integrity and the development of social cohesion.

The deteriorating state of public debate has been driven by limited access to public information, particularly to ones relevant to EU policy making. A low level of trust in democratic institutions and high polarisation in the region combine to undermine support for democratic values. To ensure CEE democracies remain stable and resilient to such pressures, we provide new perspectives and informed findings to draw awareness to – and infuse – the importance of EU policies by advancing citizen engagement.

Building on Visegrad Insight’s foresight skillset, we aim to engage our long-established network of experts, think-tankers and opinion-leaders from the CEE region through trends monitoring (horizon-scanning and progress reports), scenario-building exercises and transnational debates and individual consultations. Later, we will engage our audiences in CEE and Brussels using our extensive media partnerships with some of the major national news outlets in the region as well as build public debate on these issues, bringing together and promoting those who stand up for democratic ideals and values at the EU and CEE-state levels.

This project is supported by the European Commission’s Europe for Citizens Programme and the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV) framework cooperation.




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