Expert discussion: How to foster a Green Transition while decreasing dependency on China

On Tuesday 19 December we launch our new policy report during closed-door online expert meeting

19 December 2023

While Poland and the European Union are decoupling from Russian energy, China’s dominance in the production of clean technologies has created a new, potentially risky, dependency.

On 19 December, Visegrad Insight organised a closed-door online discussion about our latest policy brief, entitled “How to foster a Green Transition while decreasing dependency on China”. You will find the full document by clicking here.

During the discussion, Edit Zgut-Przybylska, who authored the brief, presented the report’s main assumptions, pointing to China’s growing and dominant role in the production of EV batteries.

While China plays a key role in enabling the large-scale and low-cost production of clean technologies that support the energy transition of Europe, it has an increased capacity to use economic coercion to achieve political goals.

As our report shows, Poland has a growing role in supplying the European Union with batteries for the green energy revolution after becoming the second biggest manufacturer in the world, after China. But the the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources should not mean replacing one dependency with another

The policy brief is part of a project implemented in cooperation with the European Climate Foundation. You will find other policy briefs related to the project by clicking here.


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