EVENT: Slovak Presidential Election Results

Join the live discussion on 8 April 3:00 PM CET/ 9:00 AM ET

28 March 2024

Slovakia’s presidential elections are anticipated to be a closely contested battle until the final ballot is cast. A run-off between Pellegrini and Korčok will take place on 6 April.

Join us on 8 April, at 3:00 PM CET/ 9:00 AM ET, for an online Visegrad Insight discussion to delve into the presidential election results in Slovakia. Ahead of us lies a fierce battle between the pro-European ex-diplomat Ivan Korčok and Peter Pellegrini, an ally of the pro-Russian Prime Minister Robert Fico.

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Michaela Terenzani leads the daily SME’s foreign news desk. She comments on events happening in Slovakia in her weekly newsletter, Last Week in Slovakia on The Slovak Spectator.

Eva Mihočková – Editor-in-chief of Foreign Policy SFPA, a media website operated by the Slovak Foreign Policy Association. The site publishes analyses and interviews on European and global affairs. She is also a member of Team Europe Direct and works as an investigative journalist for Stop the Corruption Foundation. Last year, she was awarded the Journalism Award 2022 by the Open Society Foundation in Slovakia.

The discussion will be moderated by Wojciech Przybylski, Editor-in-Chief at Visegrad Insight, and will last 60 minutes. This session will begin with on-the-record presentations by speakers, and the second part is an off-the-record Q&A session.

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