Marta Musidłowska

Twitter: @MusidlowskaM

Marta Musidłowska is a graduate of the University of Warsaw Faculty of Law and CopyrightX at Harvard Law School. She specializes in areas related to digitization, in particular concerning personal data protection and ethical artificial intelligence. For several years she has been involved in policymaking in the field of Internet governance as a member of the Steering Committee of Youth IGF Poland, co-organizing the Youth Summit at the Internet Governance Forum in Katowice, Poland. She is currently an analyst for the Digital Economy research program at the Instrat Foundation, where she works on topics related to data governance and the digitization of the medical sector, as well as the protection of human rights, with a particular focus on labor rights in the face of digitization. She is co-author of the report Unleashing the Potential of Data. Managing Data as a Shared Resource," which includes a national pilot for agricultural and health data. She is actively working to raise public awareness of the value of sharing data, especially health data, participating in consultations before the European Commission on the creation of a European Health Data Space. She also provides legal support to a Polish-American startup developing the Actaware app for more informed consumer choices.