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6 November 2018


Visegrad Insight, Res Publica Foundation has been developing a media network that brings together opinion leaders from the region so that they can share their expertise and analysis through the opinion-leading media in Central and Eastern Europe, and amplify regional dialogue aimed at defending core democratic values.

The threats that Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is facing, such as reduced trust in rule-based governance, increased vulnerability to Russia, China and other non-democratic powers, digital disruption of political culture, rapid green transformation, social and political polarization and the general decline of democratic values, alienate civil society and media from bottom-up democratic agency and generate instability in the greater neighbourhood. Democratic performance in CEE is also undermined because of a lack of information sovereignty, i.e. strong and independent media that develop countermeasures to push back against aggressive disinformation campaigns.

To protect democracy, Western values and good Transatlantic relations, we suggest focusing on these perils originating from both within and outside of the CEE. More than ever before, there is a demand for strong voices that explain risks, develop scenarios and map out solutions.

Like our many colleagues across the region, we know that the most important component of a healthy democracy is a well-informed public. Visegrad Insight seeks to ease the problems stemming from disinformation and other menacing threats.

In face of the weakening of effective and independent journalism in the region and the lack of big-picture collaboration to preserve information sovereignty and strong democratic institutions, Visegrad Insight launched the DemocraCE project, where multiple voices of different regional leaders and high-level opinion-shapers have been brought together to develop a stronger and broader transnational dialogue on how to jointly defend the core values of the democratic world.

Meet our Visegrad Insight Fellows here.

These voices speak on Central Europe from Central Europe; they are focused on finding future-oriented solutions and shaping narratives through thought leadership and analysis but also “learning by doing” activities to empower next-generation authorities and develop connections within CEE. In turn, the Fellows and other contributors can exchange experiences and gain broader publicity through a large network of cooperation with national language media.

These media outlets cooperate with Visegrad Insight to promote the best writing on themes important to Central Europe:

Our media cooperation is based on an open collaborative format and will soon be expanded with other media outlets. Write to us if you are a newspaper or magazine from Central Europe interested in participating in the network.

DemocraCE project is supported by sponsors such as the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

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