What’s Going on in Visegrad?

Why Central Europe matters — at least for Central Europeans

Zselyke Csaky, Gergely Romsics, Wojciech Przybylski
4 October 2017

We tackle the Visegrad Four cooperation in this episode, talking about its past, present, and future with Wojciech Przybylski, the editor in chief of Visegrad Insight and chairman of Res Publica Nowa. The V4 group made up of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia has received much attention since the European migration crisis broke out in 2015. This attention, however, might have overshadowed the fact that Visegrad has often found it hard to stake out common positions and that its role, in a coming potential multi-speed Europe, could be upended even more.


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Zselyke Csaky is a senior researcher at Freedom House’s Nations in Transit publication. She regularly writes about Central Europe and issues related to human rights

Gergely Romsics is a senior fellow with the Research Center for the Humanities–Hungarian Academy of Sciences. His interests include the study of ideologies and political theory in Central Europe