Slovak pragmatism overcome far-right turn in CE

Once again Slovakia shows that it is closer to the West than to the East

Gabriela Rogowska
6 November 2017

Last Saturday on November 4th regional elections were held in Slovakia. Following the elections results newspapers and commentators do not talk about the winner but rather about the main loser.

Wojciech Przybylski (Visegrad Insight editor-in-chief) notices Slovaks’ pragmatism and political wisdom. “Politics is about compromise – he said in Radio TOK FM interview – A week before elections, the candidates who were not the favorites in the electoral race decided to step out from the way and let the best candidate win with extremists”.

On Sunday, the day after elections, Slovak President Andrej Kiska thanked Slovak voters who contribute to build a modern, self-confident, democratic country. “I’m very happy the extremist received a thrashing” – he added.

In Slovakia, the president warns against extremists; in Czechia, the President agrees with them,” wrote Czech MEP Pavel Telička on Twitter.

The experts and politicians from neighbouring Czech Republic congratulate Slovak people on Twitter. They stress the responsible vote and a relatively high participation.

Many stress that Slovakia bucked the Central-European trend but some commentators warn that it is too early to draw firm conclusions.

It is noteworthy that the regional elections in Slovakia have taken place in the shadow of Facebook Explore Feed test which buried posts from media outlets in a separate News Feed unless they were boosted.

Explore Feed test in Slovakia harmed mainly small regional websites.