Enemies of Europe Never Changed
Ahead of the Rome Summit Andrew Moravcsik, professor of Politics at Princeton, tells Visegrad Insight that the future is going to be multi-track
Rebranding the Visegrad Group
The Untapped Power of Regional Politics. PR expert on how to fix Visegrad brand
A party on 13 December
Nik Gowing remembers how his career as a TV foreign correspondent began with the rise of Solidarity and martial law in 1981
Intellectual courage versus industry of fear
The great paradox of modernity is that everything is very close to its polarity
A conversation with Eugene Megyesy on the Hungarian Revolution
The revolution could have had a domino effect in other Eastern Bloc countries
Energy security in V4
A direct access of a new source of gas would be a game-changer on the V4 markets
European Security ‘impossible’ Without a Democratic Belarus
Will Lukashenko be able to bridge the gap between Minsk and Brussels?
A bet on society’s potential
Interview with CEO of General Electric
Absolute security no more
Interview with Ivan Gabal Czech MP on Russian info-war and cohesion of the West
Europe is missing innovation
An interview with Peter Stracar CEO for GE in Central and Eastern Europe
Striking balance between defense and dialogue
Maciej Kuziemski in conversation with Wolfgang Ischinger - Chairman of Munich Security Conference
Visegrad Insight’s Survey
How to reinforce public opinion support for the Alliance?
Visegrad Insight’s Survey
We have asked about regional defence identity, economy of defence cooperation, and what directions to look at in the future.
EU inhibits integration
The European Union today inhibits integration instead of enabling it
On the Politics of Slovakia Ahead of the EU Council Presidency. Possible Scenarios for 2016–2017
Interview with Vladimír Bilčík

The EU is not an ATM
Is the migrant crisis creating a new bloc of countries within the EU that will oppose all European legislation?
Promoting intellectual capital from Central Europe
Interview with Gergely Böszörményi Nagy, director of Design Terminal
New approach to growth
An interview with Peter Stracar, CEO for GE in Central and Eastern Europe
On the effectiveness of Visegrad Four
An interview with Libor Rouček
Migrants are politically mute
Borders are the foundation of political entities; they not only separate but also link the peoples.
Movement of People is a Norm, Not a Crisis.
The discussion on migration flow showcase a variety of aspects on this new global disorder.
Innovation’s New Home: Local Economy
Central Europe needs a system of mobility between peripheries and innovation hubs
In Moscow’s Shadows
Russian Intervention in Syria can only Slow Down Assad’s Defeat
Even dogs would be treated better
Central Europe always think of itself as being a victim of something
Novels in voices
Victor Martinovic comments on Svetlana Alexievich Nobel Prize
When we put up fences we make it easier for the extremists
Gianni Pittella talks about the future of the left-wing in Europe and the migrant crisis.
Understanding Germany in refugee crisis is crucial to V4 countries
Poland decided not to stay in a remote corner
The Polish Underground and the Jews: Solidarity, Betrayal and Everything in Between
Joshua D. Zimmerman talks to Filip Mazurczak on historical discourse on Polish-Jewish wartime relations.
Decentralization must happen
Iveta Radičová talks scenarios for Ukraine with Wojciech Przybylski
Latvia and Russia: a complicated relationship
We are committed to constructive dialogue with the Russian Federation