EU needs to minimize migration

We talked with Charles Clarke, former Home Secretary (UK) about decision by the ECJ

Charles Clarke
7 September 2017

By rejecting Hungarian and Slovak complaint the European Court of Justice has confirmed a stupid policy of the EU regarding migration (ECJ Judgement from September 6, 2017) – says Charles Clarke, former Home Secretary UK, in an exclusive interview for the Visegrad Insight – Instead of focusing on relocation schemes the EU should be focusing on how to minimize the migration into the EU.

European political decision concerning migrant crisis will not succeed – he said. The EU focuses on the redistribution of the migrants rather than on the core question which is how to minimalize the number of people flowing to the continent.

But the Hungarian idea of rejecting all migrants is completely foolish – he added. The EU needs migrants not only for the economic success. The important thing is to govern the migration.

Exclusive interview with Charles Clarke at Krynica Forum

Charles Clarke, former Home Secretary, criticizes both the EU relocation system and Hungarian populism #Krynica2017

Opublikowany przez Visegrad Insight na 6 września 2017

Charles Clarke also took part in a debate on Wojciech Przybylski – Visegrad Insighht’s editor-in-chief – moderated panel discussion on migrant crisis. Jurij Popkow, Vice-Director at Philosophy and Law Institute in Novosibirsk, Ole Schröder, Parliamentary State Secretary in the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, , former Home Secretary (UK), Vladimir Cucić, Commissioner for Refugees of the Republic of Serbia and Matteo Villa ISPI Research Fellow with a focus on migration took part in the panel.

 27th Economic Forum in Krynica