Is there a joint Visegrad Group policy?
4 NGOs check V4 position towards the single labour market
Central Europe: A great start that was wasted
Is Central Europe doomed to end up as a problematic region inhabited almost exclusively by old people?
Consistently Inconsistent
The sinusoidal V4 Presidency struggles to find areas of cooperation which will unite the region’s priorities
Roma culture needs to be celebrated and protected
While poverty and social exclusion are an everyday reality for a significant part of Roma population, as a people, we are so much more than that
The Art of Communication during Migrant Crisis
Interest groups across Europe are utilising the modern tool of false narratives to spur their own policies initiatives
Pay more, gain more
The initial gap between the West and the East was so deep that 25 years were not enough to bridge it totally
Prosperity and social cohesion
We have moved forward in building trust in Central Europe
Increasing trust gap
There is only about 5 to 10% of the Czech population that belongs to the European middle class
Unconsolidated democracy
The rise of populist politics all over Europe is a result of a decade of inadequate responses to the real problems of the citizens
The Future of Prosperity
It’s not enough for a country to be wealthy if it doesn’t also deliver a good quality of life for its citizens
The great leap forward?
Central Europeans need to move away from the model of a cheap labour force and become leaders in innovation if they want economic prosperity to continue
Real Deal for Europe
Trump's approach towards Europe is fundamentally different from his predecessors on at least three major accounts
Civil society development in Poland on the crossroads of political game
The CSOs working on human rights, especially with different minority groups, are in the worst position as they operate within the public discourse
Finding Their Way Out of the Woods
The Visegrad countries need to step up their military awareness and readiness if they are going to show any sign of force and maturity in their region and throughout Europe
Deepening crackdown on civil society in the European Union – the case of Hungary
The environment in which CSOs in Hungary have to operate is quite challenging since the state’s primary goal is to silence and eliminate independent voices
Chaotic Hypocrisy
Hungary and Poland are facing a strong criticism from the United Nations, the European Parliament and the European Council
The Fortunate Decline
How does the future of the V4 look from a demographer’s perspective?
Vote splitting in the V4
Polish approach weakens V4’s leverage to influence the future of Europe
Macron vs Central Europe
The heart of Europe is now beating in France, but it is not sure whether it will be able to pump life throughout the rest of the continent
The Poisoned Quill
A Czech drama mixed with comedy and soap opera is playing out in real time
The Hungarian Hostage
The case of the CEU marks the launch of the election season in Hungary: a parliamentary vote is due to be held in spring 2018
Central Europe on Turkish referendum
A principled stance from V4 nations would represent a powerful boost for the pro-democracy camp in Turkey and help improve relations with its key partners in the West
An Unfounded Mandate
The Hungarian people are speaking out, but the European People’s Party remains silent
Caught Unaware and Unprepared
Lessons learned from NATO and partner countries in countering information war
Prosperity in the Visegrad Region: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Past excellence does not guarantee future well-being
NATO chief’s mission in Washington: keeping the Alliance relevant
Trump is not pro-European, NATO is
Is Europeanization losing its sex appeal?
When the fantasy of European membership meets the reality of slowly implemented changes
What America’s ‘return’ to continuity means for Central Europe?
The last two weeks showed Trump acting Presidential
Central European Democratorship
Tens of thousands of protestors went to the streets of Budapest last Sunday marking the biggest demonstration current government has faced so far. It's time to...
German Helplessness
German priorities are now to hedge the damage of Brexit and to keep the EU together
Memory beyond the heroic
How neighboring nations make use of history for their co-existence
Landscape after the battle
Doctors on strike in the V4
Gas geopolitics
A small lexicon of an immense issue
Farmers in fairy-tale land
Poland and the European crisis
The rise of the middle class
Behind the mask of the middle class in Central Europe
Caring for each other
The welfare state in crisis
The four musketeers stand alone
V4 countries in the European film market
Banking battlegrounds
Analysis by Stratfor global intelligence think tank
Gas reverse flow from Slovakia to Ukraine
An obvious thing to agree on?
Neighbors of Ukraine, values of Europe
Security and good neighborly relations are a common interest for the states surrounding Ukraine
The controversial case of Ryszard Kukliński
He betrayed his state, but not his nation?
Encouraging re-migration
Why return if you will be judged?
The promising new first diplomat of Slovakia
What does the election of Andrej Kiska mean internationally?
Belarus and Ukraine
Under the suffocating grip of their “older brother”
Fidesz (Super)Majority?
Right and radical right parties dominate Hungarian elections
The Art of Remembrance
Artistic strategies to remember the Roma Holocaust
Art debating the media image of the Roma
Speaking out about violent attacks against the Roma in Hungary
Lukewarm appreciation for Viktor Orbán’s government
But there is much to admire about this Magyar maverick
Tusk’s trampoline
A win-win situation?
The archangel Gabriel and the German eagle
Flawed symbolism and controversial memory
The canonization of Karol Wojtyla
Son of Jagiellonian Poland
The Hungarian strongman?
The underlying causes of western critique of Viktor Orbán’s rule
Central-Eastern Europe’s role in Ostpolitik
Opposing the influence of Germany and Russia
Philip Bujak’s letter from London
Poles in the UK must now be seen and heard
Maidan, Migrants, and Democracy
The new issue of Visegrad Insight is OUT NOW!
Hungarian autonomy in Central Europe
Plain rhetoric or real goal?
Szeklerland as the new Crimea?
A low-potential conflict
“For freedom is measured in crosses”
On the 70th anniversary of the capture of Monte Cassino by the Polish II Corps
Ukraine’s instability is coming to Europe
Migration could determine the success of the revolution
Rule Britannia?
The EU is a poor alternative to the UK's glorious 19th-century empire