Journalism’s growing pains in Visegrad
State interventions and the shopping gluttony of oligarchs strangle independent media
The Empires strike back
The future of the EU isn’t the proliferation of sovereign states but supranational and multi-ethnic groupings of the 19th century – with added democracy.
The Missing Matryoshka
The hidden threat nesting inside Russia’s hybrid war
The Vulnerable V4
There’s no shortage of Russian “fake news” stories, “troll factories” and "disinformation” across the media
Internet influence on politics and media
In the most recent period we have witnessed the vulnerability of the online global platforms
The buzz around the ballot
The swift growth of social media took revenue from traditional media outlets and exposed societies to pure political propaganda
What are media consumption trends in V4
Advertisement market already knows which media are followed and generate value
A House Undivided
How pro-Putin ideologues have united both the far-right and the far-left in their unwavering support of the Kremlin’s geopolitical agenda
Parallel Competences: The State of Cyber Security in V4
EU-level legislation on national cyber spaces is a chance for building to create more-common path dependence for the future of V4
On the Impact of the Internet and Media on Politics in Central Europe
The debate on the fake news has engulfed editorial pages, prompted hosts of news stories and provoked myriads of Twitter posts
Eastern Partnership in Demise
The 5th EaP summit - mismatch of expectations and poor leadership of the initiative
What is the Future for German-Polish Relations
The future trajectories of the relationship depend first and foremost on the domestic political situation in both countries but in Poland in particular
The future of Visegrád in the shadow of illiberalism and the EU’s macropolitical environment
Executive summary of the report
2017 New Europe 100 list is Announced
People who are changing and improving the world with their ideas and ameliorating people’s lives with their courage for innovation, new experience, and skills to make the global impact
Slovak Optimism Reloaded
Unexpected wins – and losses – in Slovak regional elections reverse a Central European trend
Slovak pragmatism overcome far-right turn in CE
Once again Slovakia shows that it is closer to the West than to the East
Visegrad Quartet In Accord Over Gas Security
Soon the EU Council will approve a regulation on energy security. Visegrad MEPs were instrumental in securing it
The expected surprise of the Czech elections
The end of political legacy of Vaclav Havel and liberal dream about European country
The Czech elections are on the verge of common sense
Until now no one can give a clear answer as to what the coalition may look like
Brand New Central Europe
Elections in Austria and the Czech Republic will shrink options for the V4 countries outside the mainstream
The Parisian Mirror
Reactions to the recent French initiatives confirm that the V4 has become a region of convergence for various EU vectors functioning at different integration speeds
The impossible condition in Lex CEU
The rule of law has been replaced by 'rule by law' in Hungary but now it is heading towards 'rule by force'
Czech Elections, yet another Central European Experiment with Democracy
An experiment with democracy is afoot in the Czech Republic
Czechs Deceived Themselves That Koruna Was Better Than Euro
The adaptation to the Euro is still an issue in the V4 countries especially in the context of election debate
What German Elections mean for Central Europe?
Central Europeans can expect tougher German position on all issues that have budgetary implications
The rejected cornerstone of democracy
The Polish and Hungarian governments’ definition of ‘fundamental European values’ differs from the one espoused by the European Commission
Truth, fake, journalism and cybersecurity – events in Warsaw
Info war became ever-day reality, journalist - soldiers, and words - weapons. Cyber security and media literacy were the main topics of events organised on July in Warsaw
Narrowing Perceptions Meet Sustained Disunity – Part 2
As the refugee and migration crisis has been overtaking the security agenda of the Visegrad Group, all other issues have been relegated to lower importance
Fruitless disaccord
Emanuel Macron’s tour didn't have to play into Warsaw’s narrative
Narrowing Perceptions Meet Sustained Disunity – Part 1
Key threats as seen in Visegrad
Memory beyond the heroic
How neighboring nations make use of history for their co-existence
Landscape after the battle
Doctors on strike in the V4
Gas geopolitics
A small lexicon of an immense issue
Farmers in fairy-tale land
Poland and the European crisis
The rise of the middle class
Behind the mask of the middle class in Central Europe
Caring for each other
The welfare state in crisis
The four musketeers stand alone
V4 countries in the European film market
Banking battlegrounds
Analysis by Stratfor global intelligence think tank
Gas reverse flow from Slovakia to Ukraine
An obvious thing to agree on?
Neighbors of Ukraine, values of Europe
Security and good neighborly relations are a common interest for the states surrounding Ukraine
The controversial case of Ryszard Kukliński
He betrayed his state, but not his nation?
Encouraging re-migration
Why return if you will be judged?
The promising new first diplomat of Slovakia
What does the election of Andrej Kiska mean internationally?
Belarus and Ukraine
Under the suffocating grip of their “older brother”
Fidesz (Super)Majority?
Right and radical right parties dominate Hungarian elections
The Art of Remembrance
Artistic strategies to remember the Roma Holocaust
Art debating the media image of the Roma
Speaking out about violent attacks against the Roma in Hungary
Lukewarm appreciation for Viktor Orbán’s government
But there is much to admire about this Magyar maverick
Tusk’s trampoline
A win-win situation?
The archangel Gabriel and the German eagle
Flawed symbolism and controversial memory
The canonization of Karol Wojtyla
Son of Jagiellonian Poland
The Hungarian strongman?
The underlying causes of western critique of Viktor Orbán’s rule
Central-Eastern Europe’s role in Ostpolitik
Opposing the influence of Germany and Russia
Philip Bujak’s letter from London
Poles in the UK must now be seen and heard
Maidan, Migrants, and Democracy
The new issue of Visegrad Insight is OUT NOW!
Hungarian autonomy in Central Europe
Plain rhetoric or real goal?
Szeklerland as the new Crimea?
A low-potential conflict
“For freedom is measured in crosses”
On the 70th anniversary of the capture of Monte Cassino by the Polish II Corps
Ukraine’s instability is coming to Europe
Migration could determine the success of the revolution
Rule Britannia?
The EU is a poor alternative to the UK's glorious 19th-century empire