Czech Elections, yet another Central European Experiment with Democracy
An experiment with democracy is afoot in the Czech Republic
Czechs Deceived Themselves That Koruna Was Better Than Euro
The adaptation to the Euro is still an issue in the V4 countries especially in the context of election debate
What German Elections mean for Central Europe?
Central Europeans can expect tougher German position on all issues that have budgetary implications
The rejected cornerstone of democracy
The Polish and Hungarian governments’ definition of ‘fundamental European values’ differs from the one espoused by the European Commission
Truth, fake, journalism and cybersecurity – events in Warsaw
Info war became ever-day reality, journalist - soldiers, and words - weapons. Cyber security and media literacy were the main topics of events organised on July in Warsaw
Narrowing Perceptions Meet Sustained Disunity – Part 2
As the refugee and migration crisis has been overtaking the security agenda of the Visegrad Group, all other issues have been relegated to lower importance
Fruitless disaccord
Emanuel Macron’s tour didn't have to play into Warsaw’s narrative
Narrowing Perceptions Meet Sustained Disunity – Part 1
Key threats as seen in Visegrad
Václav Havel, the Charter 77 and the EU
An infinite finality
Poland and the EU: looking for the exit door?
Still whilst not being a Eurozone member state Warsaw participated in shaping the measures that resulted in the creation of the banking union
V4: Pressure on the media mounts as the EU watches
Pressuring journalists not to speak ill of those in power has become commonplace in the Visegrad countries
Moral Combat in International Politics – Part 2
The essence of populism is the empty moral distinction between us and them, people and elite, as well as the shift from a moral combat to a mortal combat
Moral Combat in International Politics – Part 1
Some Thoughts on Populist Foreign Policy in the EU
Central European societies need help to fight back
As funding for NGOs dries out the EU must step in
How to troll Europe?
Nowadays, you should think twice about whether you would like to advise the government of Hungary
V4: In For a Penny (Solidarity) But Not For the Pound (Relocation)
Why countries from the V4, with population amounting to 64 mln people, for almost two years now have been refusing to take in 11 thousands asylum seekers
Populist anti-communism in Poland
Under the guise of anti-communist rhetoric, there is a populist assault on the independence of the judiciary in Poland
Kaczynski’s hat-trick
Only a week after Trump's visit to Warsaw, PiS wants to change the law regarding the Supreme Court in order to help Kaczynski to undermine the European order
What should Bibi know before landing in Budapest for the V4 summit?
Premier Netanyahu should know that he is arriving in a region where the basic tenets of liberal democracies are being stifled
The Post-2020 EU Budget
Who will be at the table and who will be served for dinner?
Fire and Brimstone: The Proliferation of Deception and Dread in Central Europe
Disinformation campaigns in the US are growing in sophistication, and many across the Atlantic are learning the same tricks
The Visegrad Group in the EU – The Future of Prosperity
How to benefit from the EU in the future and how to catch up with the Western zone of prosperity?
The Three Seas Initiative will strengthen Europe
Those who label the Three Seas Initiative as anti-German or mistake it for political utopia from the 1920s should promptly verify their sources
The Different Faces of Visegrad
Visegrad has run through various stages since its existence, and the region will certainly change its action plans and its self-perception in the future
New initiative could trump the Visegrad Group
The question needing to be answered by EU leaders will be whether they think Trump is willing to cut off his nose to spite his face
Is there a joint Visegrad Group policy?
4 NGOs check V4 position towards the single labour market
Central Europe: A great start that was wasted
Is Central Europe doomed to end up as a problematic region inhabited almost exclusively by old people?
Consistently Inconsistent
The sinusoidal V4 Presidency struggles to find areas of cooperation which will unite the region’s priorities
Roma culture needs to be celebrated and protected
While poverty and social exclusion are an everyday reality for a significant part of Roma population, as a people, we are so much more than that
The Art of Communication during Migrant Crisis
Interest groups across Europe are utilising the modern tool of false narratives to spur their own policies initiatives
Memory beyond the heroic
How neighboring nations make use of history for their co-existence
Landscape after the battle
Doctors on strike in the V4
Gas geopolitics
A small lexicon of an immense issue
Farmers in fairy-tale land
Poland and the European crisis
The rise of the middle class
Behind the mask of the middle class in Central Europe
Caring for each other
The welfare state in crisis
The four musketeers stand alone
V4 countries in the European film market
Banking battlegrounds
Analysis by Stratfor global intelligence think tank
Gas reverse flow from Slovakia to Ukraine
An obvious thing to agree on?
Neighbors of Ukraine, values of Europe
Security and good neighborly relations are a common interest for the states surrounding Ukraine
The controversial case of Ryszard Kukliński
He betrayed his state, but not his nation?
Encouraging re-migration
Why return if you will be judged?
The promising new first diplomat of Slovakia
What does the election of Andrej Kiska mean internationally?
Belarus and Ukraine
Under the suffocating grip of their “older brother”
Fidesz (Super)Majority?
Right and radical right parties dominate Hungarian elections
The Art of Remembrance
Artistic strategies to remember the Roma Holocaust
Art debating the media image of the Roma
Speaking out about violent attacks against the Roma in Hungary
Lukewarm appreciation for Viktor Orbán’s government
But there is much to admire about this Magyar maverick
Tusk’s trampoline
A win-win situation?
The archangel Gabriel and the German eagle
Flawed symbolism and controversial memory
The canonization of Karol Wojtyla
Son of Jagiellonian Poland
The Hungarian strongman?
The underlying causes of western critique of Viktor Orbán’s rule
Central-Eastern Europe’s role in Ostpolitik
Opposing the influence of Germany and Russia
Philip Bujak’s letter from London
Poles in the UK must now be seen and heard
Maidan, Migrants, and Democracy
The new issue of Visegrad Insight is OUT NOW!
Hungarian autonomy in Central Europe
Plain rhetoric or real goal?
Szeklerland as the new Crimea?
A low-potential conflict
“For freedom is measured in crosses”
On the 70th anniversary of the capture of Monte Cassino by the Polish II Corps
Ukraine’s instability is coming to Europe
Migration could determine the success of the revolution
Rule Britannia?
The EU is a poor alternative to the UK's glorious 19th-century empire