The Dismantling of Alliances
Poland’s foreign policy
Visegrad Group and the Trump administration
Some takeaways from the debate
How can V4 help democracies flourish?
As the natural bridge between the East and the West, we can offer insight into many of the controversial issues dividing Europe today
The Next Generation Speaks
Students of Polish Universities Protest Against the Government
Where Should the External Priorities of the Visegrád Lie?
Preserving unity inside the V4 and avoiding situations where they could be played off of one another by those outside of the group
Wargames in Warsaw
Do these war simulations help when the bullets start flying?
Revival of the Red Infiltration
The Kremlin and its friends aim for a power grab in Central Europe
Slashing smog in V4
‘Governments should learn from the Bundesrepublik, start viewing energy from a different perspective and get working.’
Visegrad Books for Winter
The winter has come to Central Europe which gives yet another great excuse to stay in and catch up with the best and most timely books.
A Dream of an Ideal Democracy
One with the ability to put the country back on the track
Alleged Czech Discomfort
The Visegrad Group and the Cynic Reality
‘Flexible solidarity’
Intergovernmentalism or differentiated integration: the way out of the current impasse
Germany and the V4 states cannot afford not to cooperate closely
Donald Trump’s victory reminds us that it is high time for Europe to take responsibility for its own defence
All Quiet on the Eastern Front
The Silent Death of the Visegrad Vision for EU Reform
25 years of Visegrad
Who would have thought
NE100 Announcement Gala
The 3rd edition of the New Europe 100 list was announced in Brussels on November 15th, 201
We, the Visegrad Citizens, Neighbours and Allies
How societies in V4 countries perceive each other and the format of the Group?
Global Contest for Brainpower
V4 in the race
Can the V4 take the lead in the EU’s digital agenda?
V4 MEP Caucus on the digital policy
Uncanny under-performer: fixing V4 digital gap
What are the challenges and sweet spots for the Visegrad Group countries?
The Ideas on which the Visegrad Group Was Founded
Are they still relevant in today's European politics?
Women’s Rights and the Legacy of Communism in Hungary
Hungary’s poor economy is one reason women have become convenient scapegoats
Andrzej Wajda: Polish Cinema’s Critical Chronicler
A look at the work of the late Andrzej Wajda and his provocative, challenging presentation of Polish history
Nice One, Vaclav Havel!
A memory of Václav Havel by a distinguished writer, intellectual and his friend
Who Václav Havel Was and Who He Wasn’t
Symbol of my youth
Hungarian gatekeepers
Referendum conceals a strategic goal that Hungary has aimed to accomplish for several years
Coal in CE may be greener
It became a symbol of Polish patriotism, Czechs send it all around Europe, and Germans build for it new greener hi-tech shrines of electric power
Dismantling the Union*
A how-to guide for current leaders taking part in the „Bratislava process“ on the future of the EU
New Europe 100 is looking for innovators
The challengers, with their courage for innovation, are having a global impact
Bratislava not the end but the beginning
V4 leaders and German chancellor Angela Merkel presented their priorities ahead of the Bratislava Summit
Memory beyond the heroic
How neighboring nations make use of history for their co-existence
Landscape after the battle
Doctors on strike in the V4
Gas geopolitics
A small lexicon of an immense issue
Farmers in fairy-tale land
Poland and the European crisis
The rise of the middle class
Behind the mask of the middle class in Central Europe
Caring for each other
The welfare state in crisis
The four musketeers stand alone
V4 countries in the European film market
Banking battlegrounds
Analysis by Stratfor global intelligence think tank
Gas reverse flow from Slovakia to Ukraine
An obvious thing to agree on?
Neighbors of Ukraine, values of Europe
Security and good neighborly relations are a common interest for the states surrounding Ukraine
The controversial case of Ryszard Kukliński
He betrayed his state, but not his nation?
Encouraging re-migration
Why return if you will be judged?
The promising new first diplomat of Slovakia
What does the election of Andrej Kiska mean internationally?
Belarus and Ukraine
Under the suffocating grip of their “older brother”
Fidesz (Super)Majority?
Right and radical right parties dominate Hungarian elections
The Art of Remembrance
Artistic strategies to remember the Roma Holocaust
Art debating the media image of the Roma
Speaking out about violent attacks against the Roma in Hungary
Lukewarm appreciation for Viktor Orbán’s government
But there is much to admire about this Magyar maverick
Tusk’s trampoline
A win-win situation?
The archangel Gabriel and the German eagle
Flawed symbolism and controversial memory
The canonization of Karol Wojtyla
Son of Jagiellonian Poland
The Hungarian strongman?
The underlying causes of western critique of Viktor Orbán’s rule
Central-Eastern Europe’s role in Ostpolitik
Opposing the influence of Germany and Russia
Philip Bujak’s letter from London
Poles in the UK must now be seen and heard
Maidan, Migrants, and Democracy
The new issue of Visegrad Insight is OUT NOW!
Hungarian autonomy in Central Europe
Plain rhetoric or real goal?
Szeklerland as the new Crimea?
A low-potential conflict
“For freedom is measured in crosses”
On the 70th anniversary of the capture of Monte Cassino by the Polish II Corps
Ukraine’s instability is coming to Europe
Migration could determine the success of the revolution
Rule Britannia?
The EU is a poor alternative to the UK's glorious 19th-century empire