The Eagle and the Trident
Two European nations that need each other, might be torn apart by their troubled past
Reaching the Breaking Point
PM Fico resigns, but will it be enough to quell the ongoing upheaval in Slovakia
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Leapfrogging to the Digital Future
Some long-awaited good news for the region might come in the form of technological investments from abroad
The Demons of the Past
To move forward, CE countries need to face their history
A Brief from the V/I Breakfast Round Table #2
The Slovakian Crisis
The Hurdles Ahead for Central Europe
Challenges facing the CE region are continuing market reforms, attempts to build and solidify democracy and struggle against corruption
US – Polish Relations in Jeopardy
New US sanctions will hit Warsaw hard if they insist on keeping the new Holocaust Law
An Ill-advised History Lesson
The new Polish law might cause more misunderstanding than clarity
Surrogate Warfare
Olympic diplomacy is worth considering for the Visegrad states as another bridge to connect with the world
Gender equality in Central-Eastern Europe Media
A balancing act between a communist heritage and Westernisation
Uncertain certainties
Political landscapes in Central Europe (CE) seem to be shifting in expected directions, which is somehow still surprising to the public at large
Fake news in Visegrad: Overused and Underestimated
Voters in the V4 countries rely on increasingly blurred lines between true and imaginary information while making their choice at polling stations
The Price of Discord
In first Post-Brexit budget, expect to see the Visegrad Group scrambling to keep their cohesion coffers filled
Law and memory
Most states and nations are not eager to admit their own faults and reckon with the painful past
A three-dimensional conflict over Poland’s collective memory
Historical revisionism in Poland continues to cover more and more areas of the country’s recent history
A Nuanced Report: The Battle for Memories in Central Europe
As the past few weeks have shown, we should not simply give up on the politics of memory, not without a fight
Difficulties on the Danube
Hungary faces both political and economic dilemmas concerning their potential adoption of the euro
One Version for All
Tensions are rising between the Israeli and Polish governments over a new law which criminalises the term “Polish death camps”
Will Vienna build bridges or take sides?
Austria may come to play an ominous role in the deepening conflict between East and West, the future of the EU will be decided in Central Europe
A Brief from the V/I Breakfast Round Table #1
A discussion surrounding the effects stemming from the Czech Presidential Elections
An Unsteady Course
What the Czech Presidential election will mean for the country and the Visegrad region as a whole
Parallel System Narratives – Polish and Hungarian regime formations
Courses of development from 1945 to 1989 still determine the dissimilar attitudes of their societies today
Czech Politics Between General and Presidential Elections: Stalemate and Chaos
There are several possible future scenarios of how the political deadlock could be overcome
Who will be at the table who will be served for dinner?
Visegrad Group managed to unite over the migration crisis – which has shaken any developments of European integration
Making lemonade
When journalists and publishers are confronted with the reality of declining revenue streams, they had to become creative in finding solutions
The Cassandra curse of Central Europe
There have been many loud warnings for the fourth estate among the Visegrad countries, but whether they will lead to action is yet to be seen
Skipping Stones
The potential ripples in US foreign policy Central Europe should be concerned about
The Czech elections and the future of media independence
The dust from the campaign battle had barely settled
Poland’s Inward Turn
Politics was as gloomy as the weather outside. For months, Warsaw was full of gossip regarding the impending government reshuffle.
12 pieces of Visegrad Insight’s 2017
Qualitative and informative analyses as well as influential interviews from Visegrad countries and Central Europe
Memory beyond the heroic
How neighboring nations make use of history for their co-existence
Landscape after the battle
Doctors on strike in the V4
Gas geopolitics
A small lexicon of an immense issue
Farmers in fairy-tale land
Poland and the European crisis
The rise of the middle class
Behind the mask of the middle class in Central Europe
Caring for each other
The welfare state in crisis
The four musketeers stand alone
V4 countries in the European film market
Banking battlegrounds
Analysis by Stratfor global intelligence think tank
Gas reverse flow from Slovakia to Ukraine
An obvious thing to agree on?
Neighbors of Ukraine, values of Europe
Security and good neighborly relations are a common interest for the states surrounding Ukraine
The controversial case of Ryszard Kukliński
He betrayed his state, but not his nation?
Encouraging re-migration
Why return if you will be judged?
The promising new first diplomat of Slovakia
What does the election of Andrej Kiska mean internationally?
Belarus and Ukraine
Under the suffocating grip of their “older brother”
Fidesz (Super)Majority?
Right and radical right parties dominate Hungarian elections
The Art of Remembrance
Artistic strategies to remember the Roma Holocaust
Art debating the media image of the Roma
Speaking out about violent attacks against the Roma in Hungary
Lukewarm appreciation for Viktor Orbán’s government
But there is much to admire about this Magyar maverick
Tusk’s trampoline
A win-win situation?
The archangel Gabriel and the German eagle
Flawed symbolism and controversial memory
The canonization of Karol Wojtyla
Son of Jagiellonian Poland
The Hungarian strongman?
The underlying causes of western critique of Viktor Orbán’s rule
Central-Eastern Europe’s role in Ostpolitik
Opposing the influence of Germany and Russia
Philip Bujak’s letter from London
Poles in the UK must now be seen and heard
Maidan, Migrants, and Democracy
The new issue of Visegrad Insight is OUT NOW!
Hungarian autonomy in Central Europe
Plain rhetoric or real goal?
Szeklerland as the new Crimea?
A low-potential conflict
“For freedom is measured in crosses”
On the 70th anniversary of the capture of Monte Cassino by the Polish II Corps
Ukraine’s instability is coming to Europe
Migration could determine the success of the revolution
Rule Britannia?
The EU is a poor alternative to the UK's glorious 19th-century empire