2 (6) 2014





  • Survey: creative Europe #V4 Dita Charanzová, Miroslav Lajčák, Henryka Mościcka-Dendys, Tibor Navracsics, Agata Wacławik-Wejman
  • The next big step. Wherein lies the future of the Central European economy? – Martin Ehl
  • New Europe 100: Meet some of the challengers: Ilja Laurs, Olga Malinkiewicz, Osamu Okamura, Natalia Gumenyuk, Veronika Pistyúr, Mikołaj Małaczyński
  • Beyond the middle-income trap – Benjamin Cunningham
  • Can Visegrad be crowdfunded? The first ever report on crowdfunding in the region – Olga Urbańska, Maria Staszkiewicz
  • A roadmap for a new era of growth in Central Europe – Wojciech Bogdan
  • Digital agenda – Dániel Bartha
  • The innovation performance of the Visegrad Group Claudio – Castro Quintas
  • Poland’s innovations – half empty, or half full? – Katarzyna Zachariasz
  • Startups, look to your neighbors! Why startups don’t network within the V4 and how to change it – Sara Koślińska

Interview: The art of reinvention

  • The role of innovation in the transformation of political culture in Estonia. An interview with Toomas Hendrik Ilves by Wojciech Przybylski

Intelligent Mind: Philosopher’s stone

  • Changing frontiers – Shlomo Avinieri
  • Inventing the philosopher’s stone. An interview with Jerzy Buzek by Aureliusz Pędziwol
  • Monuments and other media – J. A. Tillman

Challengers: New Europe 100

  • Culture challengers – Anna Wójcik

Visegrad Abroad: Exporting ideas

  • When the party rocks, it’s good news for democracy – Miriam Lexmann
  • France, Germany, Poland – a non-equilateral triangle – Eric Maurice


  • Tough times ahead. Implications of the European elections for the V4 – Mark McQuay and Roderick Parkes
  • A world is over. Olaf Osica, director of the Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), assesses the challenges and prospects for cooperation of the Central European countries. Interview by Wojciech Przybylski

Essay competition: Young Visegrad

  • The ugly truth of project V4 – Eszter Hajdú

Books: Re-Creation

  • On identity and creativity. A conversation with Hungarian writers István Vörös, András Imreh, Péter Zilahy, and György Spiró, collected by Joanna Szczepanik
  • Book reviews by Marta Pató, Anna Gács, Zuska Kepplová, and Łukasz Saturczak

Urban Smart City

  • A CEE-led Smart City vision – Anya Ogorkyewicz

Arts: Revolutionary Design

  • Inflatable Czech design – Tereza Kozlová