1 (7) 2015





Editorial: Raising the talents of tomorrow – Wojciech Przybylski



Europe: Educational Alternatives

Survey: What sort of education? Zoltán Balog, Pavel Bělobrádek, Włodzisław Duch, Peter Pellegrini, Filippo Addari

Assembly line. Education and the information age – Benjamin Cunningham

In praise of the liberal arts – Iván Szelényi

Looking for Hercules, or the quality of higher education in Slovakia – Oľga Gyárfášová

A Case for the Visegrad College for Advanced Studies – Leszek Koczanowicz

Watchlist: educational initiatives


Economy: How universities pay off

Of money, quality, and love: What motivates people to pursue higher education – Martin Ehl

It is foreigners who help us survive – Julie Daňková and Martin Ehl

Who’s coming to study in the V4? – Matteo Tacconi

Inquiring minds before all – Richard Berkley



Interview: Scenarios for Ukraine

Decentralization must happen. Iveta Radičová talks scenarios for Ukraine with Wojciech Przybylski



Intelligent Mind: Questions at dusk

Questions at dusk: or the reciprocity of progress and regression – Péter Nádas

Where are the faces? Borders, Nations, and Banknotes – Aleš Debeljak



New Europe 100: Innovative minds

Digital catch up is not enough – Anna Wójcik



Visegrad Abroad: CE disrupted

Losing faith. What is Visegrad to Poles? – Wojciech Przybylski

CE disrupted. Where does the disagreement come from?

Were we defeated in Slavkov? – Jiří Schneider

It’s getting crowded – Henry Foy

The group and the press – Eric Maurice

Towards mixed development profile – Zsuzsanna Végh



Culture: Inciting debates

Translators’ guide to new fiction – Tomasz Grabiński and Margit Garajszki

Book reviews by Aleksander Kaczorowski, Michal Musil, Juraj Kušnierik, Imre Bartók

Poland’s controversial Oscar – Filip Mazurczak

Central and Eastern Europeans in pirate libraries – Bodó Balázs discusses knowledge diet in the digital age

Technology: the best new apps

Let’s talk, neigbourhood. New “We Four+” talk show – Štefánia Košková

The world through a V4 lenses. The phenomenon of the Opava Institue of Creative Photography – Katarzyna Sagatowska